No Me Ames

This song reminds of my A-Levels time in KMYS. This song was an instant hit with the girls. I remember it was this song and "Because I'm a girl" by the Korean group Kiss that was popular at that time. I like duets, maybe that's why I love so many Roxette songs. Ironically, I feel that this song is quite relevant to me due to some recent events. This is actually a cover of an Italian song "Non Amarmi" but translated to spanish. The original song talks about a blind man (as in fact was the performer, Aleandro Baldi) who fears to be loved only for compassion. In the Spanish version the referrals to the blindness are absent, nevertheless the song talks about some kind of incapabilities.

The music video below involves both Jennifer Lopez with Marc Anthony who ironically are now married but at the time they were just friends. Marc Anthony has some sort of terminal illness and asks Jennifer not to love him. At the very end, Anthony dies, and we see Lopez leaving flowers on Anthony's tomb and mourning; as she's walking away, Anthony's spirit follows Lopez and watches over her. 

Well, It's only a song so just enjoy the song as it is...

Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez - No Me Ames (English Version)

Tell me, why are you crying?
Because I'm happy
And why are you so choked up?
From loneliness
And why are you squeezing my hand
So tightly
And your thoughts seem to be wandering?
I love you so much
Don't be so hard-headed
Stop doubting me
Although in the future there's a large sky
I'm not afraid
I want to love you
Don't love me because you think I'm different
You don't think it's right
For us to spend this time together
Don't love me because I know what a lie it would be
If you don't think I deserve your love
Don't love me
I'm going to stay another day
Don't love me because I'm lost
Because I change the world
Because it's my destiny
Because I can't change
We are a mirror
And you are my reflection
Don't love me
To be dying in a war of regret and sad thoughts
Don't love me
Because in this world
This great love deserves to soar through the blue sky
I don't know what to say
That's the truth
If people want to want to hurt us, they will
If you and I part now
They don't matter
But in this world
Don't leave me
Don't leave me
Don't leave me
Don't listen when I say I don't love you
Don't love me
Stop breaking my heart with these "I don't love you's"
Don't love me
Because my heart is breaking
That is useless
I will always love you
Don't love me
You have suffered enough
My heart has turned cold like a million winters
Don't love me
To forget about your gray days
I want you to always love me
You and I are changing
One with the other
And always together
This love is like the sun
That comes out after a storm
Like two comets in the same galaxy
Don't love me
Don't love me
Don't love me
(Don't love me, don't love me, don't love me)