Iftar night out

Have you ever been in this situation: We all don't feel like cooking for iftar, you feel like treating your family and you don't know where to buka puasa? Well, that happened to me last week and I did what the typical gen-Y would do: Google for good eateries with the hope of fishing out the good deals. A quick search brought me to this very useful website: http://www.goeatout.com.my/

The website if very comprehensive. It has a comprehensive list of restaurants in the Klang Valley, their details and most importantly, the deals they're having at the moment. The is a search feature that lets you search the restaurants for best deals suiting your requirments. A very useful for this Ramadhan season is the Ramadhan buffet list/search.

The cool thing about their buffet offer list is that they categorise the deals based on price range whic is very important to me. Too expensive a buffet to me is just a waste of money. It is while going thru this list I discovered a little gem of a restaurant:

It is a halal German Deli located not too far from where I stay. After doing a quick background search on the internet on the restaurant I found it to be very much worth a visit. It is owned by a Muslim German man who happens to be a chef but has now started a business producing authentic German sausages, beef patties etc. He also has two restaurant outlets, one in Ara Damansara and the other one, the one I planned to go was in Ampang, near Ampang Point and ISKL. A good short write up on the place can be found here. This is where the place is, a very central location as we found out later:

So, I decided to take the in-laws for an iftar night out today since it was the weekend. I had pretty high hopes for the place with promotional pics like these:

From their Facebook page, this is how the place is supposed to look like:

Looks like a diner in america and it has a fast food feeling to the place, but I wouldn't call it a fast food restaurant any day! So, back to the iftar date with the in-laws. The price for the Ramadhan Buffet is very reasonable. Adults go for RM28, children under 10 go for RM15 and they don't charge anything for toddlers. The menu as below is very wholesome. They have salads, malay kuihs, rice & pasta, assorted sausages, salami, beef, lamb and chicken. They even have cendol! Check out the sample menu below.
We arrived at about 7.10pm and it was just about the right time to arrive. They had booked the table for us and the buffet line was still closed. After a few minutes settling down, the buffet line was open and man, the line was instantly long, as was expected. I managed to snap a few photos of the buffet spread while the "stocking up" frenzy was happening. The buffet trays didn't hold much so some of the food did run out and was not replenished immediately. well, i guess at least we know that the food is freshly cooked. But the sheer variety of food on the menu meant one could take something else and have that first before trying out the other stuff. 

 We were seated inside the restaurant itself, meaning we had air conditioning. There were wooden tables and benches outside - German Pub style. Nice touch. 

 An assortment of drinks were available: cordial drinks, cendol, ABC, and hot drinks.

 People were stocking up quite early. I just took the not so hot items of the menu and had that first.

 This was my initial dinner plate. Another plate joined this later on. I must say that the mee sup was very very good.

 Round one for Ummi and the boys. There were a few rounds after this round.

I usually have some reservations with going for buffet dinners as there is alot of wastage happening around you. People take more than what they can eat and end up going off leaving plates of good food on the table. What a shame. What caught my eye at this place was they had notices pasted at strategic places reminding patrons not to take too much food that could lead to wastage. Heck, they even say that they'll charge us for every 100gm of food left on our plates that are uneaten! Sure enough, a quick look around the tables confirmed that all food was gobbled up clean. Kudos to the restaurant management for thinking of wastage and acting to prevent it. 

A few quick photos and off we were for Isya' and tarawih prayers. By the way, finding a place to pray during eat out iftar has always been a tricky issue. Alhamdulillah, this area is quite convenient in that respect. for quick access, the PETRONAS station next door has a small prayer room. Good enough for those wanting to pray and then continue eating afterwards. For the Isya' and Tarawih prayers, there is a cosy local surau opposite the restaurant area. It is called surau An-Najah. The surau reminds me of those kampung suraus whereby the setting is cosy and prayers not too long...hehehe... The prayer area was carpeted with thick pile carpets and the whole room air conditioned. The design, though concrete and brickwork, had wooden beams for the roof which gave it a nice rustic feeling to it. It seems to be one of those suraus where everyone knew each other... very nice.

 After 8 rakaats of tarawih prayers, the end of prayers for us, there was hot tea served outside the main prayer hall. There was a sink and detergent so I could wash my cup and let other enjoy the tea too.

Max Value store located next to the eateries and adjacent the surau. Truly a one stop night out. Food, prayers and shopping - all in one vicinity...  

So, how would I sum up the evening. Well, I would say eating out for Iftar does not get any better than this. Food was good. Great price. Parking easy. Prayer facilities very near by. Shopping option close at hand, and the place was not too crowded at all. My only gripe was the noise created by the children during dinner but hey, we can't do anything about that can we? So, my verdict is "Highly recommended".  Not many places offer food this good at this quality, with this much choice at this price with these facilities so near by. 7 Days left of Ramadhan buffet at German Deli Imbiss. So what are you waiting for, go try it out! Reservations can be made by calling: 03-42513078.