Winds of change

As you may already know, I have just moved to my new office last week. It's closer to home but in actual fact it takes me about the same time to reach the office. I now live, during office hours at the Etiqa twins. I'm now at a newly set up department occupying 4 floors of tower 1.

With the new office comes a new role and responsibilities which are currently very different from what I have been doing for the past 6 years plus. I won't talk about my work in this post, but I'll talk more about the experience of working at Etiqa twins as compared to my old office in Bangi.

1) The workstation. The cubicles are much smaller than what I had in Bangi and the office is a more open layout. There are not many rooms like in my old office the rooms are actually partitions made into rooms for the management and also meeting rooms. My workstation was specified to have a desktop computer which I'm ok with. I can't be bothered to carry my laptop to work everyday... And I've yet to unbox one of my boxes from Bangi...

So in summary The workstation is abit smaller, has not as much storage space, has less privacy and is slightly more crowded but since alot of people haven't moved in yet, there are quite a significant number of empty desks.

The new workstation

2) This brings me to the next aspect of a workplace: the mode of transport. It used to take me around 30-40 mins to drive to Bangi in the morning. I now live 15 minutes away from my parent's house so It would've taken me about 50 mins to 1 hour to Reach bangi, depending on traffic.

This is where I usually park my car. It's quite empty in the morning. This was taken on the way back

I have tried driving to Etiqa. It is both stressful and expensive. Driving in the morning would probably take me around 30-40 mins but parking would cost me another RM6-RM10 on top of the additional walk from the cheap parking areas to the office. So far I have ruled out driving to the office for the time being.

The 4 coach LRT. Way better than the original ones. They should've thought about this when they first built the LRT system...

So, how do I get to work? Well, here's how. I take the LRT! The new 4 coach trains are roomy and the frequency during peak hours are excellent. One does not have to commit suicide if one misses a train. The next one will arrive in 1-2 minutes after, but one who expects to sit in the LRT in early morning clearly misses the point in mass rail transportation. Sitting is always a luxury wherever you go in the world. 

Okay, seems that all is fine and dandy, but which station should I take it from? Easy. The one with the cheapest parking! The only place that I feel has cheap (free) and relatively safe parking near my place is the Sri Rampai Station. There're free parking bays at the foot of the road leading to Riana Green East condo. If you're early, like me an arrive there by 7am you can get the bays nearest to the station. The station by the way is not really that near to the parking but I don't mind a little walk in the morning. The air is crisp and temperature cool. So it takes me about 15-18 mins to get to the parking, another 7mins to walk to the station. Almost no time waiting for the trains to come and about 12 mins train journey to the KLCC LRT station. From there there's an additional 7 minute walk from the station to Etiqa. All in all the total time taken to get to work is about 40-50 mins - about the same as driving to Bangi. Cost wise, the train ride sets me back RM2 in one direction so I spend RM4 everyday on transport. A car would definitely use up more hydrocarbons than that...

In summary, at the moment for me the best mode of transportation to work is taking the LRT. It is cheaper than parking the car in KL city centre and also slightly fast and reliable than driving into the city centre. KL jams are notoriously bad, expecially if it rains and also the road in front of my office - Jalan Pinang is particularly notorious stretch of road for bad traffic. An additional bonus is that I automatically get 15-20 mins of brisk walking 'exercise' everyday. Anyone who knows me will tell you that when I walk, it is always a brisk walk. Walking slowly is a plain waste of time in my mind. I hate wasting time. That's why I hate jams so much! There is another better mode of trasportation - the motorcycle but at this moment that option is financially unviable for me... maybe in the future. No other mode of transportation offers a good combination of speed, practicality, flexibility, and cost effectiveness plus it's fun too!

3) Lunch. A very important aspect of work life. Bangi had a very good spread of eateries but we had to drive out. Everything and anything with prices ranging from student prices to gourmet prices were with a 15 min drive away. How is it in Etiqa? Food prices in KL city centre have a reputation of being rather expensive. I was worried. But then I thought to myself, not everyone working in KL is rich and there must be food for the masses available for the average Joe. True, there are more expensive eateries nearby the the affordable ones but there are hidden gems of affordable food outlets, the closest for me was actually the nearest - The Etiqa Twins food court! Alhamdulillah food there is very reasonably priced and masyaAllah, the food is good too. A reasonable lunch can be had for RM5 or 6. Another good point that a friend of mine pointed out is that thier canned drinks from the vending machine is very reasonable. RM1 for most canned drinks from the machine. Only the coffee is slightly more expensive at RM1.20. Venturing out of the Etiqa Twins however, one is surrounded by pricey eateries. Nevertheless if one wishes to walk abit, Wisma Central, the rubber research institute and BSN offer good food at down to earth prices.

Another important aspect of lunch is your lunching partners. hehehe... My lunching group has been broken by the restructuring but I have made new friends and some new ex-PRSBians are here at Etiqa. Plus my old KLCC friends are now within reach for Lunch hour gatherings. All in all good. Everything is within walking distance and I for one, don't mind walking at all...

All in all, I think I'm adjusting well to the place. The work has yet to fully pick up but I am supplimenting the work by completing the technical papers i've been writing for my previous projects. There's alot of learning to be done too as the new job is at the opposite end of the Oil and Gas value chain as compared to my previous job assignment. It is all part and parcel of life. Things change. People change. What is the is that life must go on. We must try our best to adapt and strive with an ever changing environment, for every problem has a solution, every sickness a cure and every hardship, joy at the end.

Have a productive week my dear readers. =)  

Return of the Mack.

Good morning my faithful readers. I'm back! I've been away for 2 weeks preparing For my Wedding and also for my honeymoon. A lot of changes are happening to my life and not to say the least, is my current career path. My current subsidiary is currently undergoing another restructuring, the 3rd since I joined the company. This time however, my career is affected and tht the changes are real for me. Anyhow, this is the sight I got when I came into my office this morning.

The workstations opposite mine

The workstations next to mine

My workstation

Everyone has packed their stuff! My workstation is the only one still full of stuff. I am set to move to the Etiqa towers this week. Ill be doing something new Which is both challenging and potentially Exciting at the same time. We'll see how things pan out this year. Please make dua' for me please. Thanks. catch you guys later...
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