The Promise

Sorry for being so bad at updating the blog recently. Today (well actually yesterday) I watched this TV series that I felt everyone who cares about Palestine should watch. The mini series if called "The Promise" and I first got to know about it from this Al-Jazeera show called "The fabulous picture show". It is a program about cinema that is not Hollywood... hehehe... Basically at the beginning of the show they will screen a particular show to a select audience. After they've seen the screening, in this instance all 4 episodes of "The Promise" they will get the audience back and they will have a talk show with the director of the film/series/documentary. That's the interesting bit. I love witty people that do not get emotional even when people are obviously at great odds with their views. A trait missing from a lot of people in this region unfortunately.

The full episode on "The Promise" can be viewed below:

If you would rather skip to the best bits, the interview bits then you can go straight on to watch this:

What is "The Promise" about and why is it even called The Promise? Well, The Promise is a story of a british teenaged girls discovery of the whole Palastinian-Jewish/Israeli conflict through her own adventure as she reads her grandfather's diary and follows the events written in her grandfather's diary as he experienced it. Her father used to serve in the British army that occupied Palastine during the British mandate period (1922-1948).

This film give a very balanced account of things and does not give you any conclusions rather it lets you come up with your own conclusions. What I like most about it is how the director immerses us in the characters Len (the grandfather) and Erin (the heroine) and lets us discover things as they characters discover and experience things for themselves. It is interesting how immersed Erin gets in her grandfather's diary to the point that she believed that her grandfather is still that young Sergent she reads in the diary.   

The film also shows us the various factions and segments of society, both Israeli and Palastinians and show us that all are very human and that the war has de-humanised people and "messes with their minds". It breaks stereotypes on both sides of the conflict of "All Palastinians are terrorists" and "All Israelis are heartless, cruel, land grabbing occupiers" That is certainly not the case and this film puts that into perspective. There are little conflicts in the film that shows us how the on going conflict has a toll on the younger generation of Israelis who do not share the same hardship and persecution of their Nazi survivor Zionist parents and grand parents.

All in all it's the perfect viewing for those wanting to know more about the founding of Israel and ehat the Palastinians call the Nakba, which happened to be last Sunday by the way if you didn't know. Anyways, a must watch - highly recommended. Go find it on the web!! As what The Promise is in this film, that you will have to discover yourself! Enjoy!

More info on the show can be read at the Wikipedia page here.