Haste to the wedding...

No, I'm not talking about the instrumental song by the Corrs of the same title but an incident that happened o me yesterday. As the title of this post suggest, I was rushing to a wedding ceremony, not too far from my home. There was heavy traffic at the junction just outside my housing area when my slight traffic incident occured. I was about to get into the right lane of a 2 lane street. The car infront of me was indicating to do the same thing. When the coast was clear I quickly drove to the right lane but unfortunately the car in front of me didnt to the same thing and by the time I looked in front it was too late and I have driven into the back of a black Myvi!! :s . Fortunately for me, It wasn't very fast as I was accelerating from stand still and the distance between us wasn't that far so the impact left the other car with minor scratches that will buff out with some polish. At that time I wasn't too concerned with my car and only focused on the other car. At first glance it looked like it was just a few scratches on the bumper and the bumper had come out of it's housing. We exchanged numbers and said that we would contact eachother if we had issues pending after this. I must admitt that I was rather shaken at that point but my speach was normal but my hands were shaking at that time. funny huh? uncontrolable body movement.

Anyways, I quickly went to the wedding and quickly got back home to assess the damage in greater detail. Firstly, I took a picture of the front end that experienced the brunt of the impact:

Upon closer inspection, I couls see that the bodypanel wasn't flush and that it hs bent abit causing the bodypanel gaps to be uneven. So I proceeded on to remove the bumper and headlight assembly to see what happened underneath the "skin".

The main chasis was not affected as expected as it is the main structure of the car and is made to withstand and absorb far greater impact. The problem is that the collision happened at an offset and the bumper, headlight and front body panel were all connected by small U-section pieces of metal. The main U-section assembly is below: Both headlight and front left bodypanel is attached to this assembly. As you can see, it has been pushed to the back. It should be as square angles to the vertical. This has caused the bodypanel to buckle a little.

 The buckle has caused a gap in the bodypanel and the wheel arch mud guard as indicated by the daylight you can see here. You shouldn't be able to see any daylight here, well, not this much.

As you can see also, the bodypanel gap has increased ner the light assembly (left pic). The gap should be narrower and even like the right body panel gap (on the right).

 Lucky for me, that bent section is easily un-bent by pulling it forwards in the opposite direction of the impact. I saw this done on TV where by there was a progam on Discovery turbo I used to watch whereby they'd buy second hand cars in not so good condition, repair them and sell them off at a discounted price. How they repaired bend bodypanels was by pulling the bodypanel in the opposite direction of the impact by way of a hydraulic ram. Ofcourse I don't that such a contraption so for me it was just good old elbow grease... The results were quite satisfactory. Panel gaps narrower, as they should be.

The next step was to sraighten the twisted headlamp anchor(the black crossmember you see behind the bumper). This was abt tricky as it was twisted, not bent... After a bit of fiddling and alot of elbow grease, I managed to get it back into shape... roughly...

 On to the bumper itself, the mounting screw hole of the bumper sheered off almost completely but with the help of a 2 part epoxy glue I managed to glue it back together. Total damage to the wallet so far:  RM7.90 for the glue.

Lastly I had to polish the scatches away with some scratch removing polish. Most of it went away with some hard work but the point where the bumpe met the hard chassis behind it had quite a big dent and on that bit the paint had chipped off alltogether (left pic below). For that I had to use my touch up paint which is the exact same colour (supposedly) as the original paint. The result is pretty good (right pic below) and upon quick inspection I'd say that most people wouldn't have noticed that there ever was an accident...;)

 This morning when I arrived at the office I took another pic just to be sure that it all looks like new again. Alhamdulillah, I was lucky I wasn't hurt and there wasn't anything damaged with the car that I couldn't repair myself. Moral of the story: Whenever you're in a rush, calm down and never try any short cuts in road saftey. It's during these times when you are rushing that accidents happen. Never let your guard down even when driving to nearby places and for muslims, please recite the doa for boarding vehicles regardless of the journey distance. InsyaAllah, we will be protected from little mishaps like this or much more serious accidents nauzubillah...Okay then, be safe on the roads my dear readers.