O Re Piya (Oh My Love)

I was going through a walk down memory lane tonight but figured I didn't want to write about it now lest I might end up going to bed late (which I already am anyways...). So I was about to write about a few songs that importantly signified certain years of my childhood. Just one or two song really... which through you tube browsing quickly swelled to 4 or 5 songs... This song though, I think deserves a post of its own. Firstly because it is quite a recently song introduced to me, the rest are quite old songs and secondly because It has a link to one of my previous posts which you can read here. During that post I wanted to post this video that really caught my eye. It is a clip from the Yasmin Ahmad film, Talentime. An excellent film in it's own right but when I was invited by my friend to the film premier and "cocktail", the thing that caught my eye, well, my ears at first was this song which had a very soulful melody and vocals to match. Eventhough I couldn't understand any of it at it was in Urdu/Hindi I was instantly hooked on to it. I followed that song which led me to the front of the crowd and there was this little girl at the front of the "lounge" doing this very beautiful dance, the dance you see in the clip below only in real life it's 100 times better. The song I quickly found out was O Re Piya sang by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan but I never found out who the dancer was.

Anyways, I wanted to post this video in the last post about Qawwali songs but I couldn't find the video clip anywhere on youtube. Now, with the power and ease of use of Microsoft Live Movie Maker, sniping parts of a movie and posting it on youtube is a cinch. One can now edit and directly upload the final product on the internet! Very convenient. Anyways, I didn't intend to write much today. Click on the links for more info about qawwali songs which are Sufi inspired. You can get the lyrics for this song there too. So, I guess you guys please enjoy the song and dance!