Al Jazeera Forum: Ahmet Davutoglu

In this video, Turkey's foreign minister talks about how the region has rediscovered its sense of possessing a common destiny. The event currently unfolding in the middle east have brought a new sense of hope for the people of the region who, for the most part have only known authoritarian rulers and governments. A far cry from the past glories of the Muslim Empires. The man behind the foreign policies of the AK party from the days of Ahmet Necdet Sezer to the present, Ahmet Davutoglu (Arabic: Ahmad Dawood Ogloo) shares his views of the future of this region. Branded by some as a proponent of Neo-Ottomanism, Prof. Dawood sheds an optimistic view of a potential middle east and discusses what needs to be done to achieve it. It is a lengthy "lecture" but very interesting to those interested in world politics. His ideas do seem slant towards a unified middle east which some might see as neo-Ottomanism but I see it as the him proposing an EU of the middle east as sorts. But the middle east is a fragmented region, though sharing a common language (accept Turkey and Iran of course), history and religion, they never seem to be able to be united. Anyways, I will not carry on rambling on a subject best left to the experts. Enjoy the video!

A little background on the Al-Jazeera Annual forum:


The Al Jazeera Annual Forum was launched in 2004 to provide an opportunity to discuss and debate the critical dynamics of the Middle East as part of a globalized world. The impetus for the Forum grew out of the need for a journalism that can better capture how events and realities interact and play out on the ground in an eventful region. The successive editions of the Forum aimed to take an in-depth look at alternative visions for the Arab and Muslim worlds from the perspective of socio-political, cultural, and geopolitical change, as seen through the eyes of emerging movements, non-state actors, governments and civil societies, all contributing to and altering the power matrix of the region.

Since the Middle East is in a state of near-constant flux, the Forum aims to bring together people from varying backgrounds and worldviews to discuss some of the more pressing issues facing the Arab and Muslim worlds, and to determine their implications both regionally and globally. The Al Jazeera Annual Forum boasts an international mix of journalists, analysts, academics, intellectuals, traditional and new media experts, activists and bloggers, as well as leading thinkers and strategists, all convening to explore and understand the changing face of the region and its place in the world.

A little background on Prof Ahmet Davutoglu: