Interview with Sayful Islam Ghaddafi

This is an interesting view point of the current situation in Libya. Those following Al-Jazeera's Ayman Mohyeldin would've seen this but I'll just help spread the news. It's an exclusive interview of Seyfulislam Ghaddafi by CNN Turkey's Cunyet Ozdemir. Interesting take on things but still sounds like propaganda to me.  

Saif Al Kaddafi: We Will live here we will die here! There is no other scenario!

Cuneyt Ozdemir interviewed Libya's most sought after man, Sayfulislam Kaddafi answers all questiond on Libya's future!

 The world has its eyes on the small Norhern Africa country of Libya and it's controversial leader Kaddafi who says that the protests are the job of a handful of drugged young protesters. Cnn anchorman Cuneyt Ozdemir flew to Libya on Thursday 24 and interviewed the son of Kaddafi.  Sayfulislam Kaddafi answered Cuneyt Ozdemir's questions and said that they will never leave their country until they die.

Seif Al-Islam Gadhafi - Cüneyt Özdemir from dipnottv on Vimeo.