Kickboxing training

I train kickboxing twice a week together after abdominal training class. Sometimes we do coordination training which is basically punching and kicking air. Not too fond of that. But other times we do conditioning training which is very hard on the muscles or combination training, i.e. coordination training with targets. I like the latter two types of training more. Anyways, last night there were only 3 of us so I decided to video tape our training. SInce this is my blog, I've uploaded only my bits. This is how a typical training session is like. break down a final combination into smaller bits. Then combine everything into a final combination that may be useful in actual combat. Here's how it looks like:

First off we start off with a simple defending combination: Jab, cross, lead leg turning kick to the thigh ending with a hook punch.

Then we practice a simple, common attacking combination

Last of all, the two sequences are combined  to get this fighting sequence:

All in all it was a very good work out and a very good stress relief session! ;) If you haven't tried kickboxing for exercise purposes, you might want to try it out.