I'm going mountainbiking!

Yes, just as the title blatantly says, I am going mountain biking tomorrow. I have not been for so long and my bike has been gathering dust, not to mention critism from family members for far too long. I'm not sure how clear it is from the photo below but it is just dust filled the bike. Plus I have the road wheels on it so for tomorrow I'll hafta put the off-road knobby wheels on it.

First things first. Lets give it a good scrub down shall we?

I just used normal car wash detergent as there wasn't much dirt and grime on the bike anyways. Just alot of dust through years of neglect.

Gleamingly clean!

Ah... that's more like it! A bit more presentable now. A quick once over with the cloth and we can start swapping the wheels.

 My hardly used knobby wheelset that came with the bike

Before we can set off, we need to get the brake calipers re-aligned. The calipers were aligned to the previous wheel set's disks so I have to adjust them for this wheel set.

Left is the rear caliper before adjustment. You can see a gap to the left of the brake pad. This means that the right brake pad is rubbing against the brake disk. I adjusted the brake caliper to the right as to make sure the disk is not touching the brake pad.

Now that was sorted and the wheels can now move freely, we're all set to go tomorrow morning! We're going to "Taman Cabaran Putrajaya" in Putrajaya. They have a pretty nice trail there apparently, with banked corners and a downhill trail. My bike is only a hardtail cross country bike so I doubt I'll be going downhill very fast.
Bike definitely looks better with fat tyres on

Talking about downhill mountainbiking, not only the bikes are slightly different the attire is slightly different in terms of the safety gear one uses. I only have the basic stuff: gloves and helmet. Downhill guys due to the fact that they go much faster require much beefier safety gear. It is not uncommon to see them in full motocross body armour. Anyways, It's gonna be the first time in ages that I'm gonna cycle ofroad so it's really exciting! Will report on how it goes later! Laters!

Helmet, gloves and water bladder. I'm all set to go!