Today I came to work to a very unpleasant surprise. The laptop I left locked on my desk on Friday was no where to be seen. I quickly searched my office area and could not find it. I then pursued to lodge a report at our security office. The support police officer there later advised me to lodge a police report at the nearby police station. Later in the morning my officemate came in and found that his laptop was also missing! So after he had lodged his report with our security, we both proceeded to the nearby police station to lodge our police report. We arrived at around 9.30am but only left the police station at almost 12pm! This is a sign of how efficient our police is....
So, this is the procedure when you want to lodge a police report for a theft case.
1) You get your report taken down by a constable ranked policeman and this is usuall ya general complaint. You tell them what happened, where, what time and also inclued your particulars. They also ask you for what reason are you lodging your report? Obviosly in my case I wanted them to investigate the matter.
2) You get your copy of the report and they ask you to sign both your copy and the police's copy of the report.
3) They will call up the investigating officer on duty on that day. For a smal precinct like ours, they only had one investigating officer on duty. We were unlucky - he wasn't in the station at that time so we had to wait....a VERY long time... Thank God for mobile internet, I managed to Facebook and tweet about the experience. We waiting till about 11 something for the officer to attend to us. In that time one naturally gets bored and starts staring at the walls... which was when I noticed that the was a star shaped, flourescent orange coloured sticker on the ceiling fan and it read "Kipas" which means fan in Bahasa Malaysia (BM). Then I looked at the air-con unit and it too had a flourescent sticker labeled "Penghawa dingin" which is what it's called in BM. "Is this place a kindergarten or what?!" I said to myself. I wish I had the guts to take photos then so that I can show you guys this, but I didn't.
I let my eyes wander further revealing flourescent labels for "Extiguisher 1" and "Extinguisher 2" and on the desk, the keyboards were labeled "Papan kekunci 1" and "papan kekuci 2" and most amusing of all are the mice, labeled "tetikus 1" and "tetikus 2". Looks like almost everything was labeled! I don't whether it's just for inventory purposes, to make sure everything is there or is it for little kids to stare and learn the names of things. Or maybe it's just for people like me who get bored and their eyes start to wander....
4) After about an hour of "spot the orange labels" (I think I spotted them all), the Inspector finally arrived from Cyberjaya. He then took ANOTHER statement from each of us but this time he was smarter and did a cut and paste job and just changed the names of the complaintant from my name to my colleague's. 
5) After we both signed our inspector's report, we proceeded to go to the "crime scene" and the inspector came with his trusty assistant, armed with camera and fingerprint kit in hand. When we got to the scene our security had already locked our office door and cordened off the entrance to the office. The officers inspected both our desks, took photos and tried to find any traces of fingerprints. They couldn't find any, which is not surprising as whoever did this was no amature. They did not leave anything behind. No traces of cutting, no tell tales of use of force anywhere. Nothing.
I guess we might never catch the person who stole our laptops. That said, I am more worried about the information on my laptop rather than the laptop itself. The laptop is insured but they will have to determine whether this case is a case of negligence but as we both left our laptops locked I don't see how it is fair to call that negligence. This was a stark reminder to the insecurity that is the office. One would imagine that a closed guarded office compound would be safe but one would be gravely mistaken as I have learned the hard way. I now have to go back home and check how much data have I really backed up and to push for a replacement laptop. Malaysia is not safe anymore guys. Please be careful out there. Have a great week everyone! =)