Butter honey!!

I have an infection on my right eye so I didn't go to work today. Oh well, at least it gave me the opportunity to  prepare a quick old favourite of mine: ButterHoney. I'm sure It has a real name - a name that I know not of but as for now that is what I'm calling it. It's a simple dish I learnt from my parents who learnt from their Arab friends during our time in Wales. To make it is very easy. Melt a knob of butter in a pan and then put in the honey. How much honey depends on your taste but I like it abit creamier so I don't put very much honey in it. I eat it with bread as a dip. Try it. It's easy and simple! =)

This is how it looks like completed

 1st melt the butter

 Then add the honey but u don't really need to boil it