Any bright ideas?

This is what me and my brother did last weekend. We changed the left rear lights cluster and replaced the two headlight relectors.

The car in question is my dad's faithful old 1987 Volvo 240 GL. My dad brought the car back from the UK in 1990 and for a very long time it was our sole car. The car saw all 6 of us through school and I still remember the whole family of 8 fitting into it on our balik kampung trips. Ofcourse we were all abit smaller back then. I learnt to drive in it, curi-curi practice in it before the driving test and afterwards I did the chaufer duty sending my brothers and sister to places when my parents were not free. I'm sure this applies to my other brothers too. In short, the car has served us very well over the years. We still have it as it has alot of sentimental value to all of us and also because it is not worth much anymore if we wanted to sell it anyway.

Right now my brother, the third one in the family takes care of it and uses it occasionally to go places. It is good that there is someone to take care of the car and as I always tell my brother, since his office is within walking distance to home, that he should not buy a car and instead save up to buy property. Property prices have never gone down and I don't foresee them ever coming down so getting up the ladder as soon as possible is the smart thing to do.

Anyways, maintaning an old, continental car is not very cheap, nor is it that expensive too. Not much can go wrong with it as there are not many electronic gizmos that can go wrong. The car has had a broken rear lamp cluster for a while and the front day running lights have fallen off too. I advised my brother to look up any volvo enthusiast clubs or forum on line to see if they know where to get parts and in no time my brother got hooked up with this guy who was the president or something and he had loadsa parts kicking about for our old Volvo. So my brother got the parts that urgently needed to be replaced off him and as I am pretty handy with cars, DIY and mechanical stuff I offered to give him a hand. I know this phrase always gets people into trouble but "how hard can it be right?". Alhamdulillah, things did end up very well. So first up, the rear lights:

 It was a simple 3 nuts to be loosened and it was a simple swap job. Don't you love old school engineering?!

 Next up were the headlight reflectors and the day running light/indicator replacement.  The head lamp actually has reflectors at where the bulb lives and this reflector is the part that reflectes the light forward and it also allows for the adjustment of the headlight beam. The day running light/indicator is attached to the headlamp so we ended up having to remove all the headlamps:

 Again, it was a simple removal of a few nuts. Since we were taking out the reflectors we thought we'd might as well clean the headlamp glass before fitting in the new reflectors. We did that and after putting everything back together here's what you get:
 A very cleaner look. The headlights were getting rather dim due to the reflector loosing it's shine but with the new reflectors, all is still not as bright as a modern headlight system but it is now significantly less of a saftey hazard!:

All in all it was a good afternoon spent on the car and that probably saved us a few hundred ringgit in terms of labour charges and workshop mark up on the parts. Everyone should try to do stuff themselves. But please do you homework before trying anything you haven't tried doing yourself before okay? Have a great start to the week!