My Brother's wedding

Almost a week has passed till i finally get to sit down and write about my brother's wedding reception, hosted by our family at Dewan Prima LJT at Taman Melawati, just across the main road from my parent's house.

To be honest alot of our preparations were relatively last minute. But as it was the first wedding of the family everything's a first for us. A Malay wedding is traditionally a family event. For the groom's family it is about the parents announcing to their friends and relatives that their son is now married and to introduce the couple to them. So, it is very common that the bulk of the guests at the wedding are probably going to be friends/relatives of the parents. The actual friends of the bride/groom would probably make up about 10% of the total guests. My point being, parents have a major say in the running of a Malay wedding reception.

When we were deliberating the venue for the reception, my parents almost immediately decided to have it at a hall instead of at our house. Traditionally, a wedding reception would be held at the house so that the guests will know where the family's house is... very intimate and homely. But those are more reminiscent of the kampung days where the guests are at most from the next kampung. The people of the kampung would also be related to you in some distant manner.... those days are pretty much numbered. Today, in an urban setting those types of weddings seem abit impractical. Firstly, you need to block the road and inconvenience other people. 2ndly: Parking. There just won't be enough parking. This also brings traffic and security problems. 3rdly: Security. With relatives and guests coming in and out of the house security is a major concern. unwanted people might be prowling maskerading as a guest. 4thly: Space. Most weddings these days either have performances or some sort of movement happening. Having it at the house limits the flexibility of these "activities". This is assuming you're an average Joe eh, Abu/Ali/Muhammad/Ahmad like our family... Lastly (that i can think of for now) is that rental of tents are not cheap and even with the fans it will still be HOT in the midday sun.

So, it was decided. A hall would be the venue, but which one? Alot of places were shortlisted but logistically a place close to our house would be most ideal. The closest hall with acceptable was the Dewan Prima LJT located in the new Melawati commercial area. It is just accross the road and they also offered a wedding all inclusive package at a reasonable price. Not cheap but not hotel level expensive. Reasonable. It included everything from pelamin, audio/video, decorations, catering and the rental of the hall and linked fascilities. Cool. One thing that I noticed is that packages like that, though very convenient tend to make you take things for granted. It's the details that sometimes get overlooked, esspecially when my parents have very strict syariah requirements when it comes to our event. Anyhow, we pulled through with quite a successful event. My uncle rates our even at more tha 80% success! hehehe... We wouldn't have done it without the help of our uncles and aunties, grand aunts and aunties. The family really pulled through and however tiring it was, being around family was a very satisfying feeling. The relatives from Kelantan were most keen to help, with quite a few living here in the Klang Valley. The Seremban clan was very much under represented with only our favourite uncle from that side consistantly showing up for meetings and meet ups. Uncle Zaini and family from Singapore were the key representatives of the Singapore clan him beiing ever so helpful. MasyaAllah we are blessed with great relatives.  

So, lets get straight to the actual event, I've diverged too much and it's almost mid night already! So, preparatins started early in the morning. We were at the hall by 9 ish in the morning. We expected our first guest at 12. Things to do included transporting all the door gifts and bunga pahar together with the bunga manggar which was assembled there.

Okay, my task for that morning was to get the bridal bouquet. Easy peasy i thought. The night before I went to the florist at Wangsa Walk to get the flowers. It was already 9pm when I reached the mall and the florist told me that they didn't have enough flowers to do it and the white coloured roses I wanted was no available. The shop re-opens at 10am the next day but i thought that it was pushing abit so i decided to wake up bright and early and try the usual flower stall at the Sri Rampai market and see if the uncle there can do it. The open early. When I got there he had 16 pink roses so i told him i'd take them all. I asked him if he could do a "kahwin punya bunga" he said yes... so I stood by and watched as slowly he broke my heart by coming up with this:

I didn't have the heart to stop him so I just took the flowers and told my brother to go to a florist to get it fixed. hehehe... poor dude but hey, by 9am he already had flowers. All the florists were still closed! Good thing the make up artists was pretty good with the flowers and with come scissors, foil and tape managed to transform it to this:

Life saver!

back to the hall. After a slight technical glitch, the projector was up and running...

The family members on duty wore this on their chests:

The ever so oversized door gifts. we had a headache trying to fill these babies.

Alhamdulillah when we came in in the morning the hall was all set up.

It was a buffet lunch but we had reserved 5 tables for the bride's family. These tables were served. The guests only filled 3 tables so the other two ended up being used by our family members that finally got to eat at around 4pm as the guests started to trickle.

The pelamin or platform for the bride and groom was pretty good to be honest. Everything u see here is included in the package except for the bunga pahar and the stands for the bunga pahar which will be re-used for all of our weddings. I have 6 siblings remember....

Acrylic on canvas, 36 inches by 36 inches. It is a Geometric pattern based on a pattern from the 9th century Qarawiyyin mosque surrounded by a dua from the Ma'thurat. The Dua that goes around the geometric pattern reads:

"O Allah! I seek refuge in You from sorrow and sadness, and I seek refuge in You from unablness and laziness, and I seek refuge in You from cowardliness and miserliness, and I seek refuge in You from the harshness of debt and the overpower of men."

As fellow blogger Roe always says, "Makanan harus sedap" and i must say, the caterers did pull though this time. The food was really good and the service provided was acceptable.

The MCs for the day were Uncle Yid and daughter Auni. Many thanks for agreeing to volunteer for the job! =)

When the bride's family arrived, we straight away proceeded with the event. The bride and groom walked into the hall followed by the bride's family. According to the "script" when the couple reached the 2nd arch, the selawat will be played but to our surprise, the Asmaulhusna was played instead! You can never walk slow enough to reach the stage before the asmaulhusna finishes! It was rather awkward. Afterwards I got to know that the stock selawat that the hall had was too short for the walk from the 2nd arch to the stage so they played the asmaulhusna instead. Note to oneself: have a copy of Raihan's selawat ready at hand during the next wedding!

Our parents are against the "tepung tawar" ritual as it is a ritual inherited from our Malay hindu past. That said, no one thought of putting the tepung tawar set out of the way... it's not that we were gonna be using it...

The couple stayed on the stage for a while before the were ushered down to the high table. There the event was kicked off by my dad with a short speach basically welcoming the guests from the bride's family, thanking the relatives for thier hard work in making the event a success and a short advice for the newlyweds.

Then the high table proceeded to start the lunch feast. 

After everyone was settled down, a short video montage was played. This motage was prepared by my 2nd youngest brother the night before and I must say, apart from the not so good english, it was a pretty good video montage. Kudos Pudin!

After that there was the cake cutting ceremony. Do not be fooled, most of the cake is not real. only a portion of it is. Mum didn't allow eating whilst standing as is is not of islamic akhlak so the just cut it and posed for the cameras.

But there's more... the 10th of October was Aisyah's birthday. My brother wanted to surprise him with a birthday cake... He wanted the MCs to announce it but we were not gonna let him off the hook that easily! hahaha.. The MCs announced that the groom had a special announcement to make... hahaha amik kau... he was put on the spot but i think he did pretty well....


In came the birthday cake!


Ngap!! yum yum!

So basically that was the end of the formal event. The silat guys canceled on us so the video was the only entertainment for that day. After that it was all photography sessions:

Bride-groom with both parents
Bride-groom with my parents

Bride-groom with the bride's family

The siblings with our new sister...

The hardworking girls/women. Grand aunt tok Wan and Maksu with their children played a major role during the whole preparations and running of the event.

I wonder what the girls were gossiping about?!

Okay, it's getting late andI'm going to Roe's nikah tomorrow at Masjid Wilayah and my baju Melayu isn't Ironed yet!! Okay guys, till the next post. Peace be upon you and have a great weekend!