Akad Nikah

Well, the big day for my brother finally arrived. The solemnisation was yesterday October the 2nd 2010, at the bride's hometown in Parit Jelutong, Parit Raja, Johor. The ceremony went quite smoothly apart from a few things that didn't go according to plan but as with these things, you can never get things 100% perfect. My brother kinda fumbled during the Akda Nikah which is not really uncommon. The rule is that when he says the akad it has to be clear enough that the witnesses hear it clearly without any ambiguity. This rule is often used as an excuse as the kadi/witnesses/father of the bride to get the groom to repeat the akad. Fine. The problem was that normally the juru nikah/kadi would let the groom try a few times before the actual official akad. 1) he wasn't given a chance to practice. 2) when he did get a chance to practice, my brother forgot to switch off the mic so everyone could hear the jurunikah coach my brother! hehehe... it was funny okay. To top it off, when his akad was finally accepted he did his usual small dance with his arms that drew laughter from those there. This guy memang lah... Anyways, I managed to get it all on video though the video is of low quality - blackberry video made worse by conversion to FLV so that I can embed it in this post. Anyways, if you've never been to a Malay/muslim akad nikah then this is how it's like. Enjoy the show!