Road tax expired!

It's that time of the year when you suddenly realise that your car road tax is about to expire! Not that I wasn't afore reminded of its pending expiry. A few weeks ago I got a reminder from my insurance company to renew my car insurance with them but the reminder came to early... next time I think they should remind me one or two weeks before it expires... So, I only realised that my road tax was about to expire tomorrow last evening after coming back from work. I usually just call up my insurance company and they will automatically renew it for me, then I'll go to the post office to get my road tax done. Last year I discovered This made renewing the road tax that much easier but this year, I found the website and now I can renew my car insurance online too! Wickid! I'm no longer bound by office hours to do all this car insurance/road tax malarkey, eventhough it is just once a year...One other benefit is the extra 10% discount on insurance you one can get when renewing their insurance through the motortakaful website. I already get 55%  No Claims Discount (NCD) on my insurance so another 10% is always welcome! Here's how the motortakaful website looks like:

After ALOT of forms filled in, you will be asked to select a payment method. I chose credit card as I always try to maximise my credit card points at any given chance. Plus spending with a credit card means that you can spread the cost over two months, this month and the next month. there are many other payment methods including Maybank2u among others.

Once the payment is ok, they will email u a receipt and the e-cover note. Now you can renew you road tax. If you choose to renew your road tax via myeg, the last page with the payment confirmation will have a link to myeg. clicking this link will take you direct to the myeg page with all the insurance details pre-entered. All you have to do is check the detail, select a pick up/delivery method, if it is to be delivered then they will ask for you to enter your address. the online charges are an extra RM2plus ringgit and the delivery costs RM6. The extra cost is easily borne by the extra 10% saving from the insurance plus you benefit from not having to even leave your room to get these things done. So, I happily paid and the final screen said that I should call them if i didn't receive my road tax within 2 working days. Fair enough, today is not a working day so i thought that one day driving without a valid road tax is ok...i guess.

To my surprise, this afternoon I received a call from a guy from myeg saying that he'll be delivering my road tax in 30 minutes and he asked whether I'll be at home. "Yes I will be!" I told him. Sure enough, at arounf 4.20pm today I received my new road tax, less than 24 hours after completing the transaction on the myeg website! Malaysia is not usually this efficient! Not that I'm complaining ofcourse. Anyways, so guys, I would highly recommend renewing your insurance and road tax online. It is both stress free, you burn less fossil fuel and you do not clog the streets of KL... well worth it. Two thumbs up from me! =)

The myeg delivery envelope

The new road tax is green!