Pasar Tani lagi

Another Pasar Tani entry. It's not that I don't got to the Pasar Tani that often such that every visit is an occasion, no. It's just that while I was lining up at the butchers, I heard a kid say, in an American accent "Is that the heart! It's so big!". She was referring to the cow hearts on display at the buther's stall. I looked across and saw this little American girl with a camera taking pics. I thought to myself, what's this mat salleh doing here? The father was wearing an ISKL T-shirt so i guess the dad's a teacher. The wife was with the maid who seem like she's switched role to a tourist guide explaining what all the things were, how they are used in cooking etc... A sort of culinary adventure of sorts. Interesting. Walking over to the Chicken stall I noticed another Caucasian woman. Wow, my pasar tani is quite international! hehehe...

I've always thought markets, in any country is the best way to get a snapshot of that country's culture. At the pasar tani, almost everyone spoke Bahasa Malaysia during transactions. Much like during the times of the Malay kingdoms where the lingua franca was The Malay Language which developed through trade. At the markets you can also see what the average household would consume. The types of fish, fruits, vegetables, cooked food at the stalls among others. Very interesting if you were a tourist. I remember having the same feeling whilst walking through the Kota Kinabalu market a few months ago when I climbed mount Kinabalu. I discovered some of the local delicacies, fruits and fish I've never seen before! You can tell that the Sabahans are a fish eating people with fish stalls vastly out numbering meet stalls and the price of the fish were so cheap! =)

When I was in the markets in Spain and Morocco you get a totally different experience. The markets is spain had alot of nuts of all sorts, anchovies, pasta, fish, cheese and erm... pigs in all sorts of forms...The markets of Marrakech had alot of Orange stalls, dried figs and apricots, carpets and souvenirs. It seems that sigs are a thing both Spaniards and Morroccans share a love for. 

 A typical market stall in Barcelona

A typical sook alley in Marrakech

 Anyways, macam mana boleh sampai ke Morocco ni? Okay... I wanted to talk about my pasar tani run today. Just to share my typical routine whenever I visit the pasar tani. Mum says I should go early but on weekends I try to extend the unconscious period but alas, if I go too late all the good stuff is gone. Today I went at about 8.30am which was a bit late actually. The first stall I would go to is the butcher's as the good stuff sirloin meat (Batang pinang) would be sold out if I come too late. This time I managed to get 1kg which should last my family for a week. At the butchers I'd usually get some ribs too. The bones are usually used to add flavour to beef soup. Going through the parts and getting the fingers all oily you tend to realise why this stuff can kill you. The meat is far from lean...

Next up would usually be the chicken stall. That finishes quite quickly too. Lately I've been contemplating buying the Kampung chicken rather than the usual "manufactured" chicken. The latter is only a few months old prior to being slaughtered. They grow so fast with the help of growth hormones which some say has a negative impact on our health. The Kampung chicken are probably equivalent to the organic chicken you get in the west i guess.. for now I just got the normal chicken... 

While waiting for the chicken to be cut to size, I went to the fish monger next door. I usually get 2 or 3 types of fish depending if they have ray fish or not. I's usually get some squid or prawns as well. Hehehe.. only now did I remember to snap some photos... rasa mcm tourist pulak!

Then I proceeded to get some veggies....

Then I remembered about that Baju Melayu post where I went to the pasar ramadhan with my baju melayu. I was looking for some apam balik, which to my disappointment, no one sold it there. I knew the pasar tani had it so the next stop was the apam balik stall!

 I asked for an extra crispy crust

 The guy also sold figs, which reminded me of both Barcelona and Marakech

After collecting the apam balik I was on the way to get some eggs when I came across my favourite jeruk... the preserved prunes (black one on the right) is my favourite!

A few stalls down the row I saw this:

I just had to stop and stock up on some kerepek! My favourite breakfast substitute at the office! After feeling happy with myself with the restocking of my office food store, I totally forgot about the eggs and immediately proceeded to the onion stall... on the way there I passed by this traditional arts and crafts stall. Interesting but by now I was itching to go home. After I got the onions I headed straight to the car.
 Didn't really get a chance to stop by

All in all I like going to the pasar tani. The only problem I have is getting up early... Everyone should at least visit your local pasar tani or pasar malam from time to time. It's a good lesson in Malaysian culture and you get to know how the food you normally take for granted actually looks like.

On the way back I dropped by my usual Nasi Lemak stall to get the usual saturday morning nasi lemak fix... Start the day on a high!

 Not to fond of the exposed side dishes display. I'm always weary of flies..