My latest project

An original post time! I've been away for too long... I hear the son "Return of the Mack" at the back of my head right now for some reason...=S

Anyways, I'd just like to share with you guys the thing that's been keeping my occupied at any hint of free time I have. I've started on this latest canvas project I hope to finish by next week. This is the biggest project I've done thus far with the canvas measuring 36 inches by 36 inches. I started this last weekend. It's the first time I've used the book I bought from the Book Depository and like a true kiasu, flipped to the last page and wanted to do the hardest design they had in the book! hehehe...

I've modified the Qarawiyyin Mosque design... sorry Ms Fatima Fihriyya frm the 9th Century...

Check it out - Level 3 - Difficult!
So this is how the design is supposed to look like:

But the problem with this design is that my canvas is square. So I had to improvise. The other problem was that I couldn't figure out how to use my compass to work with large surfaces. I kinda know I can extend it's reach somehow but at that time it eluded me and I just couldn't be arsed. I just used some thread and tied it to my pen on one side and a needle on the other. It was a flawed method... the circle was jagged. Only after my design was completed did I fiddle with the compass and managed to extend it's reach! Darn! Well at least next time I'm doing another design I'd know... So here's a few pics taken during some of the stages of design:

 (left) my 18 inch ruler for you to get a feel of the size of the project. Check out the wonky circle! (right)

The completed construction lines (left). I then inked in the design proper using my Prismacolor marker.. later one I will discover that the lines are awfully stubborn and requires several layers of paint to cover them. I hafta rethink this method for next time. 

After extending the construction lines to the edge of the square I managed to figure out a design to extend the geometric design to fill up the square. The result is as above, in design stage and below after painting.

(left) the designed coloured in. The marker lines can still be seen! Looks like a few more layers of paint is on order... (right) Masking tape is the key to straight lines. This however takes a lot of patience and perseverance. took 2 working day evenings to complete the lines.

The completed Geometric art is as below:

It still needs some touching up though. Well, this is only the first half of the art work. Next up is a square Kufi design to wrap around the geometric pattern. I have a few dua's in mind but finding a good dua' that can fit within the design is gonna be tricky. I'll leave that for another post. Good night guys.