Let the craziness begin

My dearest younger brother is getting married next weekend. Obviously the main preparations have more or less been done. Thing is, the devil is in the details. Anyways, The sequence of official events kick off tomorrow after Zohr prayers. We have a realative who is kinda turning out to be like the "pegawai adat istiadat istana". He seems to know all these little protocolly things and all the customs and the like. So, he suggested last week that we should do a "Doa selamat" which I thought was a good idea. Why didn't I think of that?! A lot of couples are too obsessed with their wedding preparations when the wedding is just a tiny part of the thing called Marriage. Though we as siblings/parents/relatives/friends can not make a loved one's marriage a happy one, the least we can do is to pray for things to go smoothly, for the wedding and for the marriage. Anyways, so we're having a doa selamat at our house... that means alot of people will be at the house. That is not something very common in my house hold. Even most of my friends have not been to my house before. When there r many people we expect quite a number of people are gonna be using the restroom on the bottom floor. The restroom that is connected to MY room! Jap, why am I using the word restroom?! That is so American! Ok, OMG, I need to do something with that bathroom! It is not what you call in a presentable condition. So, after going to the Pasar Tani this morning, I stopped by the hardware shop to get the things I need to spruce up the bathroom.

So, the project is simple. I need to change the plumbing for the wash basin and also change the bathroom mirror which has recently lost an edge but was still usable by my standards hehehe... but obviously my standards were quite low, until my mum snapped me back into reality. This is how the plumbing looked like:

When we had the bathroom renovated eons ago the contractor did a shabby job with the plumbing. Apparently he joined two different sized pipes together and the joins had become distorted. This resulted in an ill fitting join and the basin is not 100% water tight - kira sedikit bocor lah ya tuan2 dan puan...

This plumbing thing is not as easy as I thought. After a quick surf on the internet to check out video guides on how to do PVC pipe joins and the like I set off on a "Mario Bros" adventure! Sadly I hit an early snag when the  pipes of the set I bought after the pasar tani were too big! When I brought the sample to the hardware shop the uncle said everything is standard. Lesson 1 for today: NEVER believe what the hardware shop man says without further investigating any other possibilities. When I went back I told him the pipes were too big. The he said oh, there are two sizes!! Oohhhh... tadi taknak ckp!semua standard size..
This time I brought the whole original set and made sure everything was the same size. Upon checking I realised that the standard main pipe was too short. No wonder the contractor had to join two pipes together! Because of  the mishap in the morning, the shop guy gave me that piece of piping i needed to extend the main pipe free of charge... ala.. the pipe wouldn't have cost much if I had to buy it pun but I appreciated the gesture. Que the A-Team music (Original one okay... tak mainlah the new modern one) So, with pen knife and saw in hand, I set off fashioning myself some custom tubing (ceh, sounds like American chopper pulak...)

 Measuring, cutting, de-burring, and glueing - btw, I intend to vacuum the carpet later okay...

After a couple of hours, making sure the glue had fully cured I put everything back together I tested it and no leaks!! RESULT! but I realised that the new pipe looks somewhat dirty. So I whipped out the old aerosol can, masked everything else with newspaper and spray painted the main pipe and here's the result:Pretty chuffed with the result.

 Boleh jadi plumber tak?

Hehehe... ok.. next project: Bathroom mirror.

I checked at Ace hardware and also checked Ikea... all very the expensive lah... Ace had an oval bathroom mirror for RM60 plus which was ok but I dun like oval2 ni. Ikea had the size and shape I wanted but was too expensive and to go to Ikea on a weekend is never a good idea, what more on a Syawal weekend where cars will be out in force that'll make me feel like I'm stuck in a cockroach infested sewer...

So, I asked the local painting frame and window shop and he said that he can cut me a mirror to the size I wanted for RM8 per square feet. Cool! At first I wanted to get a bigger mirror than the current size but after thinking that larger mirrors break easier I settled for a mirror the same size as the current one. That only set me back RM18! I was well chuffed, though the mirror isn't as thick as the other ones on sale at the other outlets but it's ok... a mirror is a mirror, is a mirror. =p the guy said he could cut it for me now but I said takper, I'll collect it after lunch time (2pm) so I could do other things meanwhile. Having a stray mirror in the house is risky business...

Now... how do I mount this mirror? The old mountings were different. So, again, Mr internet on Unifi was my savior. I looked up mirror mountings and discovered that the easiest form of bathroom mirror mounting was the clip type. Looked simple enuf  on the webpage. So I set off mirror clip hunting. Alot of hardware shops didn't have it. Quite specialised item I guess. I finally found some very nice clips but were RM4.90 each for something so small. And I needed 4! but they were nice lah... stainless steel. By then I was already so malas to keep on looking so I asked the guy if he could give me a better price. I got RM4 for them each. oklah... Lesson number 2: Never pay sticker price at a hardware shop. Okay, I haggle at any chance I get but at hardware shops never pay sticker price ok. So I got them and another item that was another project which I outsourced to my brother. Too simple but tedious for me.. hehehe eksyen! well, I only have 2 hands!

At the shop I already anticipated a problem with the clips. You see the bathroom is only half tiled, and half of the mirror is on the tiled side, the other is on the wall. The tiled part is about 2cm thicker than the wall. So now i needed a spacer... do they even sell spacers? When I got home I assessed the situation.

See... there's gap between the tilled area and the non-tiled area.
I remembered that I had bought a rubber doorstop before this and ended up not using it. I got it out and measured it and low and behold! it was 2cm thick! Perfect! I love it when things fall into place beautifully. The only problem is that its in that horrid dirty red colour. No problem, I had that white aerosol can at hand. Cool, so a few moments later I had white spacers! =) blended right in with the white walls. Well, they will be white later when I will be out sourcing the painting job to my other brother... hehehe
 My doorstop spacer modification

Drilling the wall to mount the clips was erm, "fun". I was too lazy to get out the corded drill - that would've required extention cables etc... all for two holes? Malaslah... so I used the cordless drill which was quite a bit less powerful and didn't have hammer action to drill thru masonry. But I thought it was ok since it was just two holes. I could re use two of the existing holes. I tell you man, I spoke too soon. drilling through a wall with a cordless drill is plain agony. Takes like a lifetime for what would've taken a corded drill with hammer action a few seconds! Oklah, that's the price for convenience I guess...

Ok, so having put everything together here's how the end product looks like:

Oklah... you guys must have already gone to sleep reading this DIY blog. More work and stories tomorrow...have a great weekend everyone!