1st day

Selamat Hari Raya! That's our obligatory 1st raya family photo. This year was the first time the Eid prayers was held at the local surau at the housing area. Saves us alot of time by having to go to the blue Shah Alam mosque. Traffic is bad in the mosque itself plus the many factory buses ferrying the many migrant workers doesn't help. So, it was a short walk to the surau for the Eid prayers after which we had our grandma's famous Lontong. After that it was a non-stop succession of visiting relatives around Shah Alam till Jumaat prayers. We had Jumaat prayers at the Shah Alam mosque as traffic was significantly better by then. I got to pray quite up front and could get a glimpse of the Sultan of Selangor. He looks quite down to earth to me in his green baju melayu. Could've stayed in line to shake his hand as he went out - there was already a bee line of people along his red carpet but I just didn't see the reason to do so. Anyways, after prayers there was one more round of relatives visiting. My brother is getting married in 3 weeks time so all the invitation cards to relatives had to be distributed by hand during this Raya period.

Lastly, we went to pay respect to our late grandfather's grave. It's almost 10 years now since he passed away. 30th December year 2000. I still remember getting the news on the 4th day of Syawal, we were all in  Kelantan. My parents took the first flight out to Shah Alam whilst we drove our grand parents from the Kelantan side immediately to Shah Alam. It was night time and I remember how sleepy I was driving the car - even after loaded up on Livita, coffee and other stimulants. Alhamdulillah, we arrived safe. It was a sad atmosphere, as you would imagine. I had never seen my mother and uncle cry before this. That was enough to make my eyes go all watery. I just cannot take it when other people cry... hehehe..

Anyways, we cleaned up the grave and bought some some stone chips to scatter on the grave in the hope that it'll slow down any weed infestation. We said our prayers and read verses from the Quran to be donated to the deceased. Muslims believe that only the prayers of the children will be accepted by God so I hope that that includes grandchildren...

So, that was the day in a nut shell. I'll leave you with an Eid song by Sami Yusoff. Heading off to Kelantan now. Enjoy.