Vacuum packing

Today I had to get at least some of my room sorted. It's really topsy turvy at the moment. So first start is to return some of the cold weather clothing that I took out for Kinabalu to it's "cold storage" bag. For this I have vacuum packed most of my winter clothing. I have found that Vacuum packing stuff protects the clothes from nasty stuff like mould and bad odor. Plus the bag kinda compresses the clothes into a "manageable" shape. All in all it's all good with not much bad.

I used to use vacuum bags at uni to put the carbon-fibre parts I made for the Formula SAE/Student parts I fabricated from carbon fibre in for curing in the oven. The negative pressure created by the vacuum helps keep the various layers of carbon fibre sheets compressed while they cure. All good stuff. Anyways, that's a different type of vacuum bagging. This is more for domestic use.

My final year project: the Formula SAE pedalbox. Google to find out what a pedalbox is...

I bought these bags during my working stint in Japan a few years ago. They love to vacuum pack as obviously, space is a rather premium over there. In Malaysia I am not sure where they sell these bags. Maybe Ikea sells them... or or or...Isetan or Jusco? They're japanese stores... Anyways, this is how you vacuum pack: 

1) Get the stuff u wanna keep in the bag, close the bag enough for the vacuum cleaner nozzle. Use the narrow nozzle insert.

make sure you use the narrow nozzle k...
2) Switch on the vacuum cleaner and try to get any air pockets out. You will feel that the bag becomes stiff. Good. You're almost done now.

3) While the vacuum is still on, simultaneously remove the vacuum cleaner nozzle whilst sealing the bag using the blue sealer thingy above. Excellent! job's a good'n.  The bag should look like so: