High speed braodband is here in Klang Valley my friends. Yes, Unifi has arrived in my area and funny enough, it was my application on-line that got the attention of the unifi team and thos hours lining up at the TM point was just a waste of time! Anyways, the Installation usually costs RM300 and they say on the website it takes 5-8 hours to install! Yikes! But the woman on the phone said their waiving the installation fees till the end of the month (today) and installation time depends on your house and how difficult it is to install...

So, I arranged for the installers to come on a weekend and the earliest weekend I could get was yesterday. Just a day before the free installation thingy ends! Hehehe.. The guy came early but he got started on the stuff he needs to do on the outside first. I noticed how ugly our overhead telephone cables are! Why couldn't we have underground cables instead!? Like in Putrajaya?...

Actually installation was quite brisk in my case cos the transfer box thingy was right outside my house! so it took them just over 3 hours to get everything installed. Wickid!

Well, there is a 2 year contract for the service so they do provide all the hardware required:

From left: Set top box for Digital TV, Wireless router, GPON Terminal (like digital moden kinda thing lah) & DECT phone

I signed up for the cheapest package, VIP 5 package. This is what the package includes:

The DECT phone feature is a really neat feature which lets u call other TM land lines for free and mobile phones for 10 sen a minute. Really good deal that. The HyppTV pun oklah jugak... It's cable tv so it won't get effected by the rain or stuff like that and it has a few HD channels that really look good but are channels i probably won't watch. The interactive and Video on demand channels are good. You can pause, bookmark and resume play and any point of the program which i think is a good feature. The only thing is that the channels are not so good... My favourite learning and News package channels are not available! Other noteworthy features are Picture In Picture (PIP), Program reminders, Parental locks, Weekly TV listings and erm, the interactive KLIA flight departure and arrival list. These are the channels available for now. Some free, others will be charged for.

So far the internet I subscribed to, faired quite well to the 5Mbps claim. The speed test got about 4.8Mbps so in that respect I'm quite pleased. Streamyx was notorious for not providing anywhere near the advertised speed. Now my youtube videos can be seen without waiting for it to buffer first and my downloads are completed much, much earlier than before. Note that the downloading cap has not been enforced yet and I guess will only be enforced when there are more ppl on the network. For now I can download and upload as much as I want! hehehe.. I will post a video I've uploaded in a post later today. As I'm on emergency leave today, I have some more time to blog eventhough there are alot of chores to do today, which I better get started on. Laters guys... 

Oh, by the way, if you're interested, please check out the unifi website for more info and to check whether the service is now available in your area.