One Third of Ramadhan

Yes, as quickly as it feels, 1 third of Ramadhan has come and went by. We are on the 11th day of Ramadhan already. As for things to report on, firstly I am behind the 1 juz or 20 pages per day of Quranic reading in order for me to complete reading the whole Quran in a month. I need to step up in that department. A few things happened this week, among others, traffic related incidents, hanging outs at masjids and of course, majlis buka puasa or iftar in arabic or communal gatherings for the breaking of fast.


I had a couple last week. The first being the one on Monday which was the Petronas annual "Majlis kesyukuran" which in Kelantan would mean a wedding feast but this one was a buka puasa and tarawih event. It was the usual drill - Religious talk before iftar, a quick iftar followed by Maghrib prayers then break for dinner and then finally, Isya', Tarawih and Witr prayers. It was ok. Food was good, and enough for everyone. There were kids from an orphanage and Tahfiz school joining us so that was good too. As my office was in Bangi, not may ppl i knew were there. My usual KLCC suspects were there though so it was cool. Prayed behind the new President, Dato' Shamsul and near Tun Mahathir Mohamed, our ex prime minister. Got to shake hands with both (big deal). There was a nice booklet on cool verses from the Quran given to us at the end of the evening and I thought that was a nice touch.


Tuesday was the Kinabalu gang iftar. It was held at the Pahamin's residences in Sungai Penchala. To say that their house was nice would be an understatement. It was AWESOME. hehehe... ok ok... best part was company as we managed to bring together ALL 19 of our climbing group together for that evening. A couple of the ladies prepared some amazing dishes with Nawal's excellent choc cake deserving special mension but the others were really good too. The guys brought some stuff to and brought along two large pieces of the most amazing murtabak in klang valley. It is sold at the hawker area near the UNITEN roundabout and I had to Pre order the day before for pick up at 4 pm on that day. Seriously guys, this place is always overbooked and their murtabaks have an order backlog that spans a few days now. Good thing I managed to get a few pieces early in the month.

 left: the bee line of customers in line for the Murtabak. They should've pre-ordered. That's the chef/owner preparing his famous murtabak.

 After having iftar and dinner, we adjourned to another house, next to Armin and Nawal's house for the prayers. The family has an Imam come over to lead the prayers at their home together with the extended family. It was honoured for us to join in prayers together with the family. After the prayers we adjourned to Armin/Nawal's house for desert and catching up sessions. After a few (understatement) photo shots we were ready to call it a night.... that was before Farhanah quized all the single guys on the subject of marriage...:s Oh dear... as usual, my policy of relationship ambiguity was the order of the day... hehehe... but that topic always gets me uneasy. I hate being on the spot. It didn't however effect the night in a whole and I left that evening with a smile and alot of fond memories, especially about our time in KK. We should've had the day after we got down from Kinabalu for this sort of sharing of experience but we had to head back to Malaya straight after the descent. All in all it was an awesome evening!

The main dishes on the left and the ladies that prepared them on the right

I was sorta Imam for maghrib prayers (left) and some post maghrib chilling here

Praying for the same thing I pray for everyday these days....=)

 The 19 climbers for the Kinabalu 2010 "expedition"...=)

* Credit to Rose for all the photos. Great shots Rose.


Okay, getting a little sleepy here. will continue tomorrow... good night guys! Salam.