One Third of Ramadhan pt2

Okay, finally get to continue the post on my Ramadhan Happenings. Ok, lets get straight to Saturday.


Saturday was our now becoming annual KMYS Ramadhan gathering. It is fast becoming an annual event for our batch of A-Levels '01 KMYS. Well, I've noticed that the invitees are mostly made up of YTN and PNB scholars with a dash of telekom and Petronas scholars(me!). I do not believe there were any JPA scholars(other than Azzad), probably due to the fact that most JPA scholars are doctors and dentists... and you know how they work....

The kids were so cute. Lini/Mizan's kid was eating behind the sofa so that not to eat in front of pl who were fasting. One snag though... the drumstick is NOT behind the sofa... hehehe
The event was traditionally held at Nicky's condo in the Tropicana area but since he got married and our group has got larger(ppl getting married and having kids), a new venue was required and this year we had it at Lini & Mizan's house in Kelana Jaya. Their house is a large corner unit with a huge land area. This is how it looks from the outside:

Ample parking for everyone!

It has  always been a pot-luck event and because it was a weekend, I did have time to whip up something. Due to my very limited recipe databank, I decided to make my signature cucur udang with potatoes. I have blogged about it before and the recipe can be found here. It's basically potato cubes in cucur udang and i love it! hehehe... but as I had to fry the cucur beforehand, by the time I got to Lini's house, the cucur were abit soggy... these babies are best eaten hot, fresh from the pan while they are still crispy, yummy yum yum!!=)

 My lovlies... the cucur. Too bad they already got soggy...=(

There was alot of food around as everybody brought something. In the end this is what the table looked like full of food:

Low and behold.... the food!
The gathering itself was really good meeting all the old college guys again. It's amazing how much 10 years can change people. It's amazing how marriage and erm, becoming parents change people too! I think parenthood would be the single most life changing event in a person's life and i see it in my friends. Anyways, the food was good. Notable mensions: Lin's fish head curry was excellent, Hizam & Juju's satay kajang mouth watering, Man's ayam golek delicious, nicky's nasi goreng also scrumptious and to top it all off, Mizan's "Teh ronde" was a crowd puller, literally! hehehe... Everyone gathered around the kitchen to await the delicious tea being made! =)

Dah Azan... apa lagi? Makan! But main dishes after Maghrib okay....
The evening ended with an obligatory group photo:

Quite a few people couldn't make it. Expect a bigger crowd next year! Yikes!

Thank you guys! and I guess i'll see some of your next year!


My aunt had us and another relative over for iftar last Sunday. As it was a kelantanese event, naturally, the food was goood! =) The main dishes were nasi kerabu (one of my favourites), sup "gearbox" and ayam percik. We brought some desert and kuih muih. Drinks were sugar cane drink, air bandung and the special, coconut milkshake. All dishes were home made accept for our kuih-muih hehehe... there was one thing that was on the menu that I haven't had before and it is called "ketupat sotong". i bet alot of you haven't tried that before too huh?! Well, it looks like this:
Stuffed squid in sweet gravy
It's actually little squids stuffed with glutenous rice (pulut) cooked in a sweet, savory gravy. Erm... it's nice but I don't think it's my kind of thing. I'll stick to my favorite bubur pulut hitam any day! Sorry, photos of food only....

My fav dish for the evening. Home made nasi kerabu complete with all condiments, kerisik, sambal and all. Seen here with daging salai (smoked beef) and Ayam percik! Awesome!

Here's all that could fit in my blackberry's lense.. a little more food hadn't arrived yet.

 My little cousin was one of the first to buka puasa....

Okay... this was before the operation. The soup was delicious but even at room temperature you can see the sold fat floating in the soup! Dangerous...