More Effing show

Something light for this Friday morning. The Beyonce dance is hilarious!, very Glee... hehehe.. I didn't watch the whole interview with that UITM ex-Rector and the deputy minister but now I'm gonnna scour the internet for it this weekend... Enjoy...

#28 Inception, Mahasiswa & Puasa Power


Anything Christopher Nolan can do, we can spoof!

In this seriously mind-bending episode, we look into the logical loopholes around the ongoing student and politics debate. We feature the former Vice-Chancellor of UiTM and the Deputy Minister of Higher Education, so get ready for some high-minded intellectual fireworks!

#27 Sex, Single Ladies & Underage Marriages


You might have heard that last week, Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Ali Rustam encouraged young Muslim couples to get married if they can't resist having sex, and that it would be a good solution to unwanted pregnancies and abandoned babies. As we like to say sometimes, "this stuff writes itself"!

And if you think last week we spoilt you silly with "family friend" superstars Jho Low and Paris Hilton, we got the real deal this week. FIERCE!