Lessons from life

Recently I've been listening to alot of Maher Zain. A few days ago I found out that he has made a few music videos for his songs. So I went to the usual place to check out videos: Youtube. This led me to the Awakening Records channel on youtube where videos of various awakening artistes can be found like Sami Yusoff, Ashar Khan and many more. It was here I found a 3 part interview of Maher Zain. Very interesting. I've included the videos below:

Part 1

Talks more about the beginnings of Maher Zain, how he started out and what is the message of his music. It was interesting to here how he was far from Islam and how he found his way closer to God. "Open your eyes". Watch the rest in the video.

Part 2

He talks about why he sings. He talks about 2 of his songs in his album relating to love: "For the rest of my life" and "Barakallah". The interesting part in this part of the interview is how if we do something wrong and we know it's wrong, you will feel embarrassed to God and Syaitan will encourage you to not go to the mosque and distance yourself away from Islam. Never do this as it is never to late for tawbah. In fact the more we do mistakes, the more we should try to come closer to God...

Part 3

In the third video, I can relate to alot. He talks about friends. As muslims we are supposed to surround ourselves with religious friends so that we will be influenced by good actions. But doing this you should not totally leave your other friends. This is because "Everyone needs a good friend". If all good people just mix with good people then who is going to be a good friend for the not so religious? But of course one has to be strong to not be influenced by the not so islamic deeds / actions of the not o religious friends but we have to be a good friend and insyaAllah our good actions may influence our friends and that is our small part in dakwah insyaAllah.