I know this is an old video but I had to post it! Language is a matter of practice, I fully agree with that but this Egyptian guy can speak Malay with a Kelantanese dialect! Even I can't do that! Well, I must admit that his Kelantanese is not perfect but to get to that level of proficiency is rather amazing already. Plus he likes to eat Budu! hahaha...

But I hafta agree that being someone who has been abroad for my degree I do notice that Malays tend to keep to themselves this absorbing very little of the place they settle in. I was told by a friend who's lived in Egypt that it is worse in Egypt where some students can come back from their degree without being able to speak fluently the local Arabic dialect! it's a shame as I have always found my Malaysian/Malay background has always helped me mix in with the Muslims from all across the globe, the asians from asia and south asia ans well as the Europeans and Americans. Well, my arabic was pathetic but good enough to use once in a while to start a conversation.

I think that being "Malaysia, truely asia" hehehe pardon the pun helps me be more accepting of other cultures and am able to get along well with peoples from other countries. Maybe I should've become a diplomat? hahaha... anyways, enjoy the video below: