Jom Beli Barang Raya

Tomorrow is Nuzul Quran or the day the Quran was first revealed. This also means that it's a public holiday for Selangor!! Hehehe... Alhamdulillah... Anyways, lunch time during Ramadhan is usually an uneventful occasion with the hour usually gone by without noticing it. Today however me and another 2 officemates decided to check out the "Jom Beli Barang Raya"@putrajaya sales event since Putrajaya is quite near to my office. For those who haven't got the faintest idea of what I'm on about, here's the poster (click for a larger view):

I went with really no intention of buying anything. I was tagging along, just to get out of the office for once. Parking as usual in Putrajaya is a nightmare but in the end we were lucky to find a nice spot quite close to the venue. When we got in, we had to bear left whilst the RELA dude manning the door was ushering us to not stand in front of the doorway. This is the sight we were greeted with:

This place was jam packed with people, specifically, civil servants! It was lunch hour, what could have we expected?

Anyways, takper... we'll ignore the people for now. After buying a RM10 Dutch Lady combo bag each we braved the sea of civil servants to check out the other stuff. Here's what you can find there, pics are NOT exhaustive. There seriously is alot in that huge marquee.

Food stuff like ADABI and kuih raya

Nestle had a stall there. There were electronics, mobile phones and cameras

Don't forget an important part of Raya: baju raya...
But this is where I ended up spending the most time:

Yezza! 70% of ALL Puma shoes!
70% off all Puma shoes! You gotta be kidding me?! Sorry folks, I'm not and yeah it's 70% off all Puma shoes!! so I pun even initially without any intention of buying anything ended up buying a pair of shoes... and I don't even wear shoes for Raya!!

Anyways, my collegues were engrossed in this furniture stall. The company sells solid wood furniture. I took their card cos I might just need their stuff for the Gaya apartments when their ready.

Abdullah & Fadhli enquiring about the furniture

Fadhli managed to get his yogurt combo (left) and look at how much Fadhli bought!

Fadhli kind enough to drive us there in his brand new car...

So, spoils of the excursion? Well, like I said... I didn't intend to buy anything. I ended up buying the Dutch Lady combo. Well, I thought I could have it for iftar so why not. They were doing combos for RM10. I chose this combo as I guess it's was the combo I was most familiar with.

And... these are the 70% shoes I discovered. There were too many choices and we didn't have all day to go through all of them. My first choice didn't have the size I wanted so I had to settle for 2nd choice. Pretty good for less than RM100 if I say so myself...

Oh, after work I had to drop by Tesco to get some veggies for dinner. Guess what else I ended up buying? Hehehe.. "My name is Khan"! hehehe...

So that spells the end for the shopping spree that is today...