I know you guys are expecting an entry on my recent Kinabalu "expedition" But I've not got all my photos sorted and resized yet, plus I just didn't have much time today to sit down and write. My bags are still on my bedroom floor. At least I've done my washing! Just need to hang them out now.

Anyways, a friend of mine posted this video on his Facebook today. It's a popular song by Maher Zain and now he's made a music video of the song! The video works well to enhance the message of the song, unlike most Malaysian music videos where you just see the singer singing the song. Nasheed songs are generally worse! How could a listener be inspired by a nasyid music video when all they see is guys in a simmilar costume miming the song and raising their hands alternately from to right...With this song I was inspired, both from the lyrics, and the message on the video. This is how Islam is supposed to be. The prophet Muhammad S.A.W, was a person who's actions and interactions with others - both with muslims and with non-muslims were exemplary. We as Muslims should struggle to follow his way and do our best to live our lives as he taught us to. Just as every time I read up on the history of Muhammad I see the human side of him and how he won over the people mostly through his kindness, actions and deeds. The term for it is Akhlak. Good akhlak can be as simple as holding the door for others, respecting other, being humble and much more. It's not difficult but how many of us live like this? Why do we always concentrate on only solat, fasting, reading the Quran etc...? If it is not practised and translated in our everyday conduct then we should ask ourselves is this what the prophet taught to do or are we missing something? A question only you can answer.

Anyways, this is supposed to be a short one. I need my sleep! enjoy the song! Good night!