Happy Independance day

Happy Merdeka day everyone. Although there are many wrong preconceptions about Merdeka day among them, 31st August is only the independance of Malaya and Singapore from the British, Sabah and Sarawak didn't join Malaysia till 1963 on a day we call Malaysia day. Until last year, Malaysia day wasn't a National holiday but I guess the ruling party was worried about losing the votes from the Northern Borneo states. Anyways, here's a few interesting facts about Merdeka, taken from Fadiah's Facebook status:

1)The fight for independence was fought much earlier by Parti Kebangsaan Melayu Malaya, Kesatuan Malaya Merdeka and Parti Komunis Malaya 

2)Merdeka was obtained with the blood of the rakyat , not the sweet promises of UMNO with the British.

3) After independence, 60% of the nation's wealth was still owned by the British... British troops were still present in the country into the seventies with the last British soldier leaving in 1971.

 You see, as with all history, it is written by the victors and most other accounts have either been erased or altered. As such, the current history that is taught in schools is very pro British and pro-UMNO. We cannot deny the effort of other parties in trying to obtain independence. Without the taking of arms by the communists, I do not think the British would be so pressured to leave. Though I'm not saying that they were right, I do not think that they should be denied their place in history. Independence by diplomacy meant that concessions were made at some cost to the country. I guess that was point 2 and 3...

Happy independence day my fellow Malaysians!