Doa Qunut

Hehehe... this is quite funny. I myself do not believe that doa Qunut is sunat muakat and was not taught it by my parents but since settling down in Malaysia we've had to learn the doa Qunut. In the Syafie Madhab(school of jurisprudence) the Qunut is suant Mua'kat or an optional act that is encouraged. When I was young I was brought up amongst the Arabs and Pakistanis who followed the Hanafi Madhab. This is only a small difference and with or without Qunut the prayer is still valid nonetheless. All source of Islamic jurisprudence must come from the Quran and Sunnah or acts or sayings of the prophet. It is interesting though to look at the differences in how these two scholars formulate their rulings on Fikih (jurisprudence). Generally, not exhaustively the philosophy of the two scholars are:

- As-Syafie will follow whatever the prophet p.b.u.h did even though he did not order or decree it.

- Al-Hanafi  will only follow what was specifically taught or decreed by the prophet p.b.u.h. If the prophet didn't explicitly say do it then he would not do it. 

This is just a generalisation so please don't take as gospel fact yeah... hehehe anyways, this video posted on many Facebook walls drew me to talk about this. Quite amusing. Have a great Saturday guys.