Astro World Cup

A lighter note today. During the steamboat dinner at Mersilau resort in KK a topic of discussion began around the internet tv show "That Effing Show". This was a new thing for me even though I do think I am of the rather politically aware segment of society. So, what is this show all about. Well, It's a lighter take on current issues and Malaysian political scene all bundled up in a package that is easily excepted by the younger generation. Jokes can be rather offensive to some but if you can keep an open mind and are open to different opinions the by all means, this is great entertainment! And oh, the host is Datuk Zain Ibrahim's son, Ezra Zaid. He and his friends have a great sense of humor and good English when it is required..

In this episode the take the mickey out of the Astro Fifa world cup advert which even I felt was rather lame. They also look into the government's plan to scrap overseas University scholarships, which through Petronas I was beneficiary of. Nazri Aziz sheds some light on the seeming irresponsible government spending on things like refurbishing the parliament building and how mega projects like the 600,000,000 Putrajaya International Convention Centre are costing the tax payers dearly. All in all a good episode. The episode synopsis from the website is below. Don't hold back your laughter... hehehe...Enjoy!  

With World Cup fever comfortably in place, we targeted another television advertisement simply begging to be ridiculed, of which we happily obliged.

We also look at how cuts were made to overseas scholarships while millions and millions of ringgit were proposed to be spent on Parliament. A must-see to watch and learn the art of gobbledygook.