I drove to work today and when I do, I make it a point to leave home abit earlier than usual. With the bike I can leave home at about 7.30 to arrive at around 8am. When I drive though I make it a point to leave before 7am - In today's case I left home at 6.50 ish. So that results me in arriving at the office at about 7.20am... early... So, now i have time to blog! hehehe...

My piece is on the left. Yes at this time I wasn't into Khat yet...

Returning to today's topic, the Yearbook. Back in the school years, we used to have a year book at the end of every academic year. It didn't matter which school you went to, every school had a yearbook. I didn't used to think much of yearbooks, other than getting into as many club/societies photos logically possible! hehehe.. Other then that I can remember contributing a few articles once in a while but not every year. I didn't like to write back then. I'm okay rajin to write these days because of the blog but my default mode is: malas...

Anyways, I was flipping through my form 5 yearbook last night to look for Syed's full name. For this year we had one special book published for just our form as it was our final year at school and our major exam year too. For this book, everyone was made to write a piece for it - Damn! there was no way I could run away from it! So last night I flipped through the pages and stumbled across my page. OMG skema nya! hahaha... I've re typed the page below for your laughing pleasure. Maybe you can notice if my writing style has change at all over the years? This was written 12 years ago! And that year was a World Cup year too! After reading the article myself I noticed that certain things have eluded my memory and I have no recollection of certain things/events I myself wrote about. Maybe some old classmates can help refresh my memory. Oh, btw - The Permata class is no longer in existence. So traces of my existence at KUSESS has literally been wiped out! Oh my... memories...Anyways, before I get even more nostalgic, enjoy!

Well, they've asked me to write something for this book we're doing. So what should I talk about? Stuff I guess, like thoughts, ideas, experiences - who can forget the 15th of January '97? or the day the deputy prime minister officiated our school. What about basketball - the first time our school participated in the PPM(quite an experience if i do say so myself!). I definately can't forget tennis and all the tournaments I participated in (district, state and SUKSESS). Then there's the snake case and all those cases I don't have room to list down. I can still remember the occasion when we had to fight (a legal battle) for the existence of 4 Permata - and look at us now, the cleanest class never left our class to date! And those wonderful memories at the hostel, where else could've we got those memories? 

Nope, I won't talk about that - there's too much, I just wouldn't be able to squeeze them all in. So, I will talk about how I feel leaving KUSESS. Well, it does feel hard leaving school, it's not that I haven't left school before, it's just this time i'm leaving all my schooling days behind too. I've had my ups and downs but altogether, it has been okay. Actually. I'll be missing quite alot of things. I've achieved alot since i set foot here, I've been places I've never been, seen things I've never seen, done things I've only dreamt of doing and met some of the most interesting and wonderful people ever.

I would like to take this opportunity to appologise to those I know I've ever done them any wrong. I would also like to thank those who have helped me and to those who have been wonderful friends to me, It's been fab! Well, I've got a lot ahead of me to look forward to. So I'll just have to leave the past behind now. As they say, life goes on.

Ahmad Afif bin Zamri

Well, there u have it. This was written in the last few weeks of school. I did eventually come back to school to collect my SPM results which were Alhamdulillah enough together with all the "stress relief" activities i did at school plus my okay English to secure a scholarship to read Engineering in the UK. I went on to do my A-Levels at KMYS subsequently getting the grades to get into the University of Leeds. I graduated in the summer of 2004, declined to do a PhD in Mechanics of Materials to work in Petronas since February 2005 till now. I have been through alot and insyaAllah there will be alot more to look forward to. If there are any school/university kids reading this, aim high and go for what you want. Nothing is impossible.