Welcome to the world of Naza...

Today I wanted to check out if Naza Biker's Dream had any of the Piaggio brands already at their showrooms. Earlier this year Naza group secured exclusive distributorship for Piaggio brand of bikes namely, Aprilia, Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera and Scarebeo. So, I was gonna ask when there will be a full fledged Piaggio centre so that I can service my X9 there, if... I don't sell it before that. Hmm... I didn't get much of an answer but I guess my X9 is gonna hafta go...

Anyways, that was one part of the story. The other part was to survey the bikes there and see what kinda prices Naza had and also to check out the bike of my dreams - The Ducati Multistrada 1200. And it's as much a beauty in the flesh as it is in photos. Here's the one that's in Naza:

Sat on this one and I couldn't touch the ground! Maybe it'll be better with the centre stand down? Or I'll hafta grow a few inches more...

Or my pick, the Multistrada S Touring spec, complete with panniers and full options, all at a price that will make Freddy Kruger cry... :

More drool inspiring photos:

Oklah... I'll post just that one. Nanti org kata obses lah pulak kan...

So those are the specs. So, u are wondering what's the damage to the bank account, and in Malaysia because motor vehicles are so heavily taxed, - how much your lifestyle will be eroded? Well, the base model is around RM120k and the top spec model that I drool over is a cool RM160K. All are indicative prices as no prices are firm yet... daym... I doubt I'd be able to afford or want to erode my lifestyle that much thank you very much. I'm a car and bike nut but bolehland prices are not worth my quality of life.

So, I soldiered on to the main car showroom. If you've never been before, this place is HUMONGOUS! It's the biggest car showroom in Malaysia and rightly so.

 Seems to go on forever!

The first car that caught my eye was this:

Porsche Panamera S

 Klah... there were loadsa expensive cars that I didn't even bother to look at the price tag. It was actually like a car show. I caught two girls cam whoring with their car of their dreams... what ever makes you happy girls... hehehe

So, I quickly moved on to cars I'd might be able to afford. I've actually been looking at this car for a while now but a few things made me not pursue it further. 1) the looks, 2) It's only got a 4 speed autobox, 3) it's maintenance cost and parts availability. So, this is the car:

The turbo model is my pick with the same 1.6 litre turbo engine that is found in the Mini Cooper S. Also a point going for it is the rear seat air-con vents, cruise control, dual zone climate control, 6 air bags, 5 star NCAP saftey rating, and a plethora of other safety features. I think this is the best value car in the market today, the next i think is the Kia Forte. Oklah... Penat I borak2 with the salesman at both the bike and car showroom. Those who know me while shopping will notice two things if i'm in the mood I'll:

1) chat to the sales person even if i already know the answer to what I'm asking, just to make conversation and to gauge if the kid knows what he's talking about.

2) If I'm buying the thing I'll haggle and bargain. If I have more time, the longer I'll haggle.. hahaha... never pay sticker price if the place has sales persons on commission...

Oklah. After I left the place I went to get my front wind shield tinted. Last week I had the windscreen replaced. It cracked while my brother drove it down to JB last month. I didn't have it insured but the car is 5 years old so i guess I can justify the savings in not having taken out insurance to the windscreen cost. I just got the Malaysian version, not the original Thai version which was almost double the price! Daym!

So, managed to haggle the price for the windscreen a little, not much but I was in a hurry. Anyways, the Germany - Argentina match is on now.... Have a great weekend guys!