Wedding the Halal Way

An interesting read that many in Malaysia are not aware of but is a real issue for some people. Read the comments to the main article here 

Wedding the Halal Way

The "halal bond" of two cultures, or rather said getting married to someone from a different culture. More and more people leave their own boys and girls aside and choose to be with someone from a strange culture. But this process doesn't run smoothly. Just imagine, you're a Pakistani and you come home with an Indian, believe me, this is where all the trouble begins, and there are not much people who will accept this with a big smile on his or her face. These two cultures are very close together and have much in common and still it isn't accepted. What will happen if you bring home a Englishman and yes he is converted. If we'd go into details, then the youth would not find anything wrong with it.

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Two different cultures coming together is an enrichment. But if you'd ask our parents there's a long list of objections. "He doesn't speak the language, has other habits of eating, dresses differently and what will the family think of it? Especially that last one is very important. "If your uncle and aunty from Pakistan will hear this then….. " Some parents will only accept a boy or girl if he or she's from the same village or area. Not to mention the caste system that has been a barrier for long long time.

How sad that we people are still holding on to that. What can you do if there's no appropriate candidate? Spend the rest of your life alone? Out of Islamic perspective, Allah says:"O people! We created you from a male and a female, and (divided) you into (large) peoples and tribes, so that you might recognize one another.." Unfortunately our parents doesn't make it easier for us. I do understand them in a way. I mean it's hard for them too ,to see their children growing up and then going their own way. But in the end, isn't this part of life?