Wedding gift

Me again...I'm still in line but I found a pic on my berry that I've been meaning to post since last week. Its the khat piece I did for Nina, a friend of mine from A-Levels. She got married last weekend and this was her wedding gift. I try to give my khat pieces as wedding gifts to my good friends if I have the time to do it before the wedding. This particular piece was a simple design, one that I have done many times in many different colours and styles. Rest assured of u get one from me, it'll be unique. Though I have done this design so many times I think I will keep on doing more versions of it as the meaning to the words are so beautiful. It is a prayer to ask God for his promise of Jannah or heaven and keep us away from the being a member of hell... Not your usual wedding prayer but I think something worthy of my wall. Maybe I should look into doing pieces of prayers for happy marriages and good children. Maybe when I have more time. I am contemplating going back to uni for a part time degree but we'll see what my schedule will be like post Eid b4 I plan something serious.

Anyways, this piece is done on 20 by 20 inch canvas with white writing on a black background. Very simple but took almost 2 weekends to do. Wud probably be quicker if I had a full weekend free to do it but weekends r when I get to sort stuff out as my. Weekdays are usually so full... Right, I'm off again...its 1.30 and still 10ppl are ahead of me! Love my blackberry so much right now!

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