TM Point

My internet has been down for a few days. We think its because of the modem. We have a spare modem but we have forgotten the username for the account, let alone the password. So here I am at TM Point Titiwangsa trying to sort that out. Whilst I'm at it, I might as well apply for TM's latest product: UniFi. For those who don't already know, UniFi is TM's fibre optic very high speed broadband service incorporating both voice, tv and internet all in one package (and bill yikes!).
But OMG! This what I was greeted with when I got to TM point:

OMG it was 12 O'clock and the place shuts at 1 but still there was this many ppl! I had to line up to get the form and that alone took a good 15 to 20 mins. Good thing there was the UniFi brochure so a managed to read the small print while waiting. Finished reading just as it was my turn at the information counter. At the counter I got to ask the tm guy questions about the service but as there were like a gazillion people behind me I refrained from turning my inquiry into an episode of "Hard Talk". I shall spare that for the guy at the counter!
Well, to be honest I got most of the answers from the brochure anyways, saja gatal nak grille mamat tu. I can see he was under a lot of pressure. What ever u do, do not find yrself in the customer service or relations line-especially if the business is retail! Or prepare to loose some hair... my number. number is 2085! Right now the number is 2034! 50 ppl b4 me! Sabar jelah...since I'm already here I shall see it through. So I went to find a pen to fill in the form. God almighty...they didn't have any pens for filling up the forms! TM shud be ashamed of themselves. Such a big company yet no pens for customers to sign up for THEIR services!
So I went to the main counter to borrow a pen from one of the officers. He was kind enough to lend me one but only the third pen he offered worked! So okay, I got a pen that finally worked. Hoping that I could kill some time filling up the form, it ended up being quite brief with not much to fill in. Since when did TM have such brief forms!? Besar je lebih kertas dia! Anyways, I noticed that the minimum contract period is 24 months and at the form there's a section for stamp duty. I guess what I sign for now is legally bound to me now!

So here I am, killing my time by blogging on my berry. Not a bad thing actually since I've had problems not finding any quality time to blog properly. How else can I write about waiting in line for something in great detail!? Hehehe... I've written a post on my Mac about car stuff last night but I had no internet to send it. Let's see if I can send it today, if not from my berry... But berry posts are not so multimedia lah. I can't really link other web pages easily so the posts tend to be just wordy with not many "glitters".

Gosh, even after running out of ideas to write this post I still have 20 odd ppl infont of me! It is already 1 pm and the place is still full! But I think they've stopped letting ppl in since half past 12 ish so the crowd isn't gonna get any bigger....God willing.

Okay, ill guess ill leave it here for now and surf the web or something. Thank God for blackberry and mobile internet! Now I don't waste time waiting in line for things anymore. But still, if yr reading my blog Mr TM, please, please either add more staff at the counter or extend yr operation period. Please don't let people waste their time at your centres. You will also spare the parents of the kids running around me right now the embarrassment. Hehehe...well, I don't blame the kids - I probably was like that too or worse when I was a wee boy... Have a great weekend my friends.

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