Car service centres in Malaysia are abit of a dread to go to. The waiting room is usually small, stuffy with a tiny TV if yr lucky and lotsa old magazines to keep u entertained while you wait for your car to be ready... Well, not at Honda Service centres. I think Honda service centres are the best in Malaysia... hehehe I'm biased and I've not gone to other service centres other than Proton's so my argument doesn't really hold much weight but bare with me. The Service Centre(SC) I go to is Weststar along the MRR2 just after Flamingo Hotel. That place is awesome if only for the fact it opens daily from 7.30am to 10.30 pm and is open till 8pm on Saturday and half day on Sunday! I doubt anybody can beat those opening hours. Plus when you get inside there's internet, a large selection of free drinks, hot and cold, and also my fav junk food - Pop corn and other finger food like Pau, biscuits etc... There's also an Astro LCD TV in the main waiting room.

Free drinks from the vending machine, pop corn freshly made for you, and there's a little Pau steamer which is out of the frame...

There's the little internet kiosks. Toilet's not up to scratch but at least it's clean

My pop corn and iced lemon tea while surfing the net. God knows how many packets I took! sedap tau!

 But this time I was in for a surprise. The had just set up another waiting room. This one had a LCD flat screen with DVD player and a selection of DVDs, internet and... wait for it...... massaging chairs! hahaha!! I was like WHAT?! U have massaging chairs in the back! Let's have a look!

Internet and DVD... no Astro in the back room

Yezza! Massaging chairs. I could've sat there all day if it weren't for the new friend I made who sat next to me. I had a nice conversation with him.

So, I went there just to get my rear brake pads and spark plugs changed. I brought in the parts myself and the labour was RM30 each... Not to sound too kiasu, for an RM60 worth of labour charges I guess I kinda got back a few ringgits in terms of drinks, food and massages. All in all I am very very happy with the service. They could improve on the time they take doing the job but I am convinced that they're just being thorough so I'll let them off this time. 

Maintaining cars at official dealerships has always been more expensive than doing it at your average corner shop garage but with value added service like this and with flexible opening hours, I think Weststar has nailed the official SC dilemma. - how do you make going to official SCs worth while for the customer? Every other SC out there should take note.