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Okay, this post is more of a promo for my friend's iPhone app. Well, goods thing kena share lah kan? Well, this app is really cool and is one of the reasons I'd like to get an iPhone. Well, the thing with the iPhone is the number of apps available for it is just bonkers. Okay back to this app. This app is basically an app to help you keep track of your Ibadah or specific acts of worship. Apparently it took about a year to complete this project and it is just in time for this year's Ramadhan! =) Good job guys! Well, I don't currently own an iPhone or an iPod touch so I can't really comment on the program itself. You can read about the features and stuff below but in a nut shell, you can record your good deeds and it can visualise the data so that you can keep track and chart your "spiritual performance".

Visualize : Use QamarDeen's Graph Mode as a visual chart of your progress to help you analyze your behavior and improve over time.  Use the ability to see your actions as encouragement to constantly advance.  Filter by time period or type of action, so you can view your progress in Salah, Fasting, Quran or Charity

Ok, I've copied down Azizi's blog post below so you can hear what he has to say about his little baby. Click on the title to go to his blog.

Just in time for Ramadhan

About a year or so ago we started on project with one of the most prolific designer on the App Store Bandar Raffah to develop a very unique app that basically tracks your good deeds like prayer, Quranic reading, fasting, and charity. However due to limitation of time (as Brainstorm and Bandar was on other projects as well at that time), we then roped in Batoul Apps and other developers as well many other consultants and Islamic scholars. And now voila! the app is out.

Imagine an app that tells you how well you’ve been praying this week, how regularly you’ve been reading Quran this month, and how steadily you’ve been fasting this year.  Now open your eyes…

The App Store is full of apps that help you track how much you exercise, how much you work, and how much you spend. Download for free the one app that helps you keep track of what matters most – your faith. May Allah give us goodness in this life and the next, InshAllah.

And here is a video of the initial development of Qamardeen. Well the video is a bit dated, and this is the just the initial phase which was done at Brainstorm and the release date was also the initial planned release date. So this is not the full behind the scene video guys. But well, enjoy it…

And you can follow the link here for the official website screenshots, features and stuff from the official QamarDeen website. Highly recommended app. Check it out. While yr there, do check out the other apps from Qamar Deen. =)