Post World Cup Stress?

This was supposed to be yesterday's post but like most things these days, things seem to be delayed for some reason. Even me trying to get to be early seems rather difficult these days. Anyways, as we all know Spain won the world cup Paul the octopus was right again laadidaa bla bla.. and so on, and so forth. I know for some of my football diehard fans it means life is back to normal. No more lepak2 at the mamak to watch and scream with other strangers, no more excuse not to help the wife take out the trash or do the dishes or take care of the crying baby, no. No more excuses. I don't really watch the late night games but to me the end of the world cup also means that I can theoretically sleep earlier. You see, if I watch the 10pm match, the match will end close to midnight so I'm gonna be abit sleepy the next day. So now, there's usually nothing good on tele so i can go to bed early, theoretically...

From afar it looked like a car had caught fire. Thank God it wasn't
Anyways, yesterday morning I was expecting clear traffic in the morning on the way to Bangi. It should be right. All football freaks taking the day off after the match which ended at 5 ish... I for one was one of them guys who slept at 12, woke up at 3, and went back to bed at 5.15, woke up again at 6.15 for subuh and then went straight to work. I thought there weren't many people who would do stuff like that... Until I hit a patch of heavy traffic along the MRR2 opposite Econsave. I was like how comelah!? it's a post World Cup final Monday... most ppl should be in bed! btw, is it just me but have they recently been calling the world cup, the FIFA World Cup instead of the football world cup?

So, as I approached from afar I saw plumes of white smoke. Hmm.. i thought it was just somebody burning some rubbish or something... as I got closer, it turned out to be a fire but not the usual sampah fire. somebody deliberately burnt something... and the fire was BIG... I don't think anybody was hurt but It caused a big jam from people slowing down to have a look... grrr.... Malaysian drivers! I think it's highly unlikely but maybe it was caused by a disappointed Dutch fan? hehehe...

Ok, the world doesn't revolve around football despite what Coka Cola try to make us think. As for me, I have an important "chit chat" session with some Italian blokes for a new position in a new subsidiary. I'm really good with chit chats most of the time but interviews I suck at. Maybe because I am too honest for my own good. Well, like they say.. you can't please everyone. It is not an interview per se but as it is with meeting people you don't know, knowing what to say and what not to say is difficult. Especially when one has to try to look good in front of them. Gosh... I do sound like I'm gonna be having in "interview" with a future father in-Law huh? hehehe... Well, In my experience most locals are quick to judge but i guess because these people are not locals then I guess I shouldn't be too worried. Plus, they're Itallians so my english should be better than theirs... hehehe... Should I be watching the "Godfather" series of movies before that?! hehehe... I might end up talking like a mafia after that! yikes! 

Anyways, going off to Abs and kick boxing now. Wish me luck for tomorrow! =) 

"Allahumma yassir wa la tu'assir (O Allah: Make things easier for me and don't make them difficult)."
"Rabbishrah li sadri wa yassir li amri: (O my Lord: Open my heart for me and make my task easier for me)."