Nasi Dagae

Another Kelantanese related blog post, based on Ray's fotopage post. So, I believe many of us have tried Nasi Dagang. I don't believe many know how it is made let alone how it was traditionally made. Take a look at the item below:

What is it?

Well, it's an old Kelantanese Ngukussae Tanoh
( a " Periuk Pengukus Tanah Liat " or Earthen Steamer Pot )

Well, here's the story:(taken from Ray's fotopage)

This is something from the family "heirloom". It was acquired from an old family house in Kampung Kota, torned down years ago. Owned by my late maternal great grandmother.

In those days, when metal cooking-ware were rare and luxurious to some, when traditional methods ruled over modern methods, people would cook their food using earthen and wooden utensils.
So, to cater to the needs, there used to be many household pottery-makers throughout Kelantan back then, just as how there used to be many Singhorra tile makers, supplying to meet the average household needs.

At present, both industries are virtually "non-existent". 

This is how it looks inside

This one is a Ngukussae or in "proper" standard Malay, a "Pengukus".

To use it, first, a piece of clean and nicely shaped banana leaves is placed on top of the holes, and food to be steamed, normally rice is placed inside the pot, on top of the leaves. After the lid is placed, the pot is then put over a cauldron of boiling water to complete the job.

Having read this, so do you have any idea how the well known Nasi Dagang was cooked back then ? 

Yum yum... not too fond of ikan tongkol though...