Mc What?

Today I had TKD class at 8. Work finishes at 5 so I had about 3 hours to kill. I wouldn't want to go home and get stuck in the jam coming out to KL so I thought going straight to KL is the way to go. So then came the question of how to kill the 3 hours, well it'll take 25 mins to reach KL from the office in Bangi so i have about 2 hours plus to kill. I park my car at the Weld as it has flat rate RM2 parking after 5 and my Martial arts centre is just across the road. Thing is, I'm fasting today. If I wasn't I would've just hung out at a restaurant with wifi and I would've probably been posting this then. So, after much deliberation, I decided to hang out at the KLCC mosque and head to the Weld just before Maghrib.

So, I left Masjid As-Syakirin at arounf 6.45. I'm sure it wouldn't take 45mins to get to the weld from the mosque? I doubt waling there would take that long! The target was to reach the Weld by 7.30pm - Maghrib time starts at 7.31pm today. The first route I took was insanely jammed right outside KLCC before the beach club... Thank God there was an exit route into KLCC so I got a second chance going via jln Ampang turning into Jln Sultan Ismail. Traffic was heavy but flowing. Managed to get to the destination before 7.30!! Result! As I only had 30 mins to eat and digest my food before TKD, the only place I could think of at that time was McDonalds... After reading Roe's blog I could've gone for her sales pitch and gone to Domino's but nah...It's McD this time.

Haa... this is the special bit. When i got to Mc Donalds, I was greeted by a new burger... It didn't have the usual Mc - Something name. I was called the GCB burger. In the posters it looked so good so I thought I'd try it. The marketing hype puts 3 Gs to it - 1) Grilled whole chicken thigh, 2) Gorgeous Iceberg lettuce, 3) Glorious Cher-grilled sauce... The result is pretty good. Plus my burger was still hot inside! Gosh I'm craving for one by just blogging about it! Damn! So that was my Buka Puasa. Finished everything in 10 mins, solat, got changed and had my TKD class. Ok, My resolution is to go to bed early so I'm gonna leave you guys with my dinner... hehehe yummy yum yum! Try out the GCB burger... it's goooodd...