Low Yat

Any PC junkie or tech geek will tell you that Low Yat plaza is THE place to get all IT stuff in Malaysia, and rightly so. The prices are very competitive, accept ofcourse for the bottom floor which is catered for tourists. I have been frequenting Low Yat Plaze ever since my A-Level days some 10 odd years ago. At that time THE place to get computers at that time was nearby Imbi Plaza. Low Yat was just starting to set foot. Back then Low Yat was just a few shops selling computer hardware from warehouse like small shops with no area to browse the products, just a price list to choose stuff from. Basically u had to know what you wanted. Today I went to pay Low Yat another visit with my brother. He wanted to get a new camera and I wanted to get a laptop sleeve or bag for my Mac. 

Ok, first tip is that Saturday afternoon is definitely NOT the best time to go. Traffic is as crazy as during rush hour on a week day. Don't, just don't. The other thing is, don't come from Bulatan Kg Pandan through jalan Bukit Bintang... the cross junction there just sucks the life out of you. No, katakan tidak kepada jalan tersebut.

Ok, I finally found a parking spot that was NOT on the fourth or 5th basement. Alhamdulillah... I hate having to go round and round. I wish they had an entrance straight to the 5th floor basement parking. I'd rather take that rather than go round and round...

Okay, since today I was looking for a laptop sleeve, the type of shop i would be frequenting would be rather different. I'd be going to the new "IT supermarket" type of shops. These shops are like supermarkets only you won't find any Milo or Breeze Colour. Oh no... these shops sell geek stuff even certain geeks don't think they need! hahaha! I found some interesting network back up systems. Some connect to the LAN cable, some just USB/Firewire. Interesting... we have like about 5 computers connected to our network so i think a remote backup on the network would be quite useful... hmm.. will propose to the others...

The selection of laptop sleeves and bags were humongous. The two big shops I went to were All IT centre and Viewnet. Viewnet even had a cafe in the middle of the shop. Man, that is just ridiculous! but quite a good idea actually... hehehe... I went browsing for about an hour or so. There wasn't many stuff for Macs. Yes, the true Mac geek would go for a Crumpler. Maybe I should've too? At the end i settled for this Messenger bag from Targus. It was the last unit so I got a RM28 discount that probably did the deal for me. The fact that it was made for a 13 inch macbook also swayed the vote in it's favour. The shop accepted credit cards without any charge - that was the icing on the cake! will talk about managing finances by using a credit card later but it's a topic I would like to talk about.

Anyways, here's what I bought. Sorry i didn't get any photos from Low Yat...

It's a messenger style bag which means it has a sling. The bag fits the Mac like a glove.

Fits like a glove

There's a compartment for the charger and other stuff

And the inside of the laptop compartment is cussioned