Langkah Kanan

Langkah kanan is a Malay term given to instances when one suddenly enters a position of, or "walks into" good luck. Well, a good example is what happened to me today although it's a not so substantial example of the term. Anyways, I've just recently for the past 2 weeks started to commute using my trusted car again. Driving to work actually for me requires alot of journey planning. When i was riding my scoot to work traffic and weather was a non-issue. Traffic for obvious reasons and weather, well... if it rained I'd just put on a rain suit. Anyways, i think this allowed me to be rather sloppy and dis organised. Now that I commute using 4 wheels alot of planning and getting into new routines is required.

So, I used to be able to leave at 7.30 to reach the office in Bangi at around 7.55 - 8.00am. Traffic on the MRR2 though starts building up around the bukit antarabangsa area around 7 ish so, now i leave home compulsory before 7, habitually it's been out of the house by 6.50/55am. This nicely keeps me in the smooth flowing traffic period thus lets me arrive at the office at 7.20-7.30am. So, this is when I do my morning blogs, 7.30 to 8 am ish...hehehe.. kadang2 terlajak hehehe... Well, tomorrow there's a morning Yaasin session at the surau so I won't be blogging in the morning tau. Dun miss me too much k. =p

Going back home nowadays requires precision timing... sort of. I need to leave the office at 5 sharp. On gym days this would allow me to experience smooth traffic all the way to Jalan Raja Chulan and enable me to make a U turn infront of the Weld and get to the parking with a RM2 fee per entry. Any later than that would mean I will be late for classes. On a non gym day, leaving early increases the chances of clearing the "Flamingo" hotel intersection jam where traffic from AKLEH, Jalan Ampang and Ampang Point area all merge with the already heavy MRR2 traffic at the same point! Whoever designed the itersection clearly was under budgetary constraints or he had a major oversight!

On gym days, I have now gotten into a routine of stopping by the KLCC mosque, Masjid As-Shakirin on the way back. My classes usually finish either at 8 or 8.30 which is just in time for Communal Isya' prayers. Delaying my journey home increases the chances of reduced stress and getting my religious obligations done early provides extra peace on mind. I'm liking my new routine. I have always been a person of habbit. Spontaneous is not how one would describe me.

So, where is this langkah kanan link to all this? hahaha, unlike certain bloggers (ehem... you know who you are) My blog titles really do have something to do with the actual post itself. Well, today is Thursday night. In Malaysia the Malays have this "ritual" of communal recital of the Surah Yaasin. I had my early Islamic upbringing in the UK and was never taught these rituals. I even had to learn the "Doa Qunut" at school as my parents and the mosque in Cardiff where I grew up did not practice the Qunut as a sunat Mua'kkat for the fajr prayers. But as did Imam Shafie himself did, if the area is predominantly not Shafie, out of respect he would not recite the Qunut. These scholars had great respect for each other and often times agreed to disagree. So pardon me if some of my practices are not of the Shafie Madhab.

Dah go off trail dah ni... So, I was at the Masjid just as they were doing the Zikr and Doa which meant that the recital was over. I joined in where I could but it ended all too soon. Then the Imam said there was "sedikit jamuan"... hehehe... this meant that there was some food! It was 8.40pm, I just finished 2 hours of abs training and Kickboxing so some food was always welcome. This is an example of "Langkah kanan". In this case I walked into some food. The food was packed into polystyrene boxes, which by the way I do not approve of as they are not biodegradable and polute our environment for hundreds of years.

Guess what was in the pack? jeng jeng jeng...

hehehe... roti jala with Durian poridge. Quite nice.

So that's my Langkah Kanan story for today.... good night everyone.