KL traffic

Okay... I'm stuck in the notorious KL traffic. Everytime it rains in KL traffic somehow always grinds to a halt. Why am I stuck in KL u ask? Isn't my office in Bangi? Well, after work I met up with and old friend in Permata. At that time it was already raining like it was going to flood. Visibility was. Very poor. So I decided to stay a while and chat more. So ok. By 6.45 ish the rain had already stopped. Traffic was clear in the Serdang area. So I thought the journey home would be smooth. How wrong was I! Right after the Besraya sungai besi tol the exit to mrr2 was already backed up till the toll booth. So, I decided to continue on the Besraya highway to rejoin the traffic in jln Tun Razak. By then it was already 7.20 so I thought I'd just wait the traffic out at the KLCC mosque. Jemaah for Maghrib and hang out there and listen to the ceramah till Isya'. The road was clear right until where the roads feeding jln tun razak met. From there it was a grid lock...argh!

Ok, so I had a brilliant spark & found a shortcut from jln tun razak to jln bukit bintang. The roads were clear there until of course the junction to jln Raja Chulan... Gridlock there. It took a while but in the end I managed to maneuver frm there to the KLCC mosque with little delay. Reached the mosque at 8pm. So here I am, writing this whilst listening to a sermon on erk... Death! Hehehe... There was an Isra' mi'raj talk this afternoon at the office about the Dajjal! Seems like the religious theme today is death and Armageddon! Hehehe... Oh well, ill just listen.

The Kuliyyah wasn't attended by many. Kesian the penceramah speaking out on his mic to like 10 people who are by the way, sitting so far apart...

This is the second time this week I'm hanging out at the KLCC mosque after work or gym and it rather saddens me that there are not many ppl here. When I prayed Isya' yesterday the saf was barely full. Now, the mosque was almost empty for the Kuliah Maghrib... Considering the time wasted being stuck in the Jam out there it puzzles me why more ppl aren't hanging out at the mosque too. There r so many things we can do here, blogging included but other spiritual stuff too.
Okay, kuliah has just finished. The azan will be sounding soon. Fingers off the keypad for now....=)
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