Karate Kid

Yes... don't you just love that scene...."Wax on... wax off...." that famous Mr Miyagi scene from the original Karate Kid. Well, this post is not about Karate Kid but about car detailing. Wax on, wax off scene can be applied in your mind where applicable ;) Ok, so this is my 4 step car detailing guide. Follow this guide for a mirror finish shine everytime....

Crap from the car removed. Old wedding invitations, receipts etc...

Prepare the detailing products 

Step 1: Wash the car

When I wash, I most of the time just leave it to air dry. Use a car wash detergent, some have wax in them and will deposite the wax while it dries. Buff to shine using a lint free cloth. This is the bare malas type of car care...

Step 2: Vacuum the carpets

Yes, vacuum the carpets while you wait for the car to dry... I leave the out in the sun and then beat the carpets against the front gate before vacuuming. other nooks and crannies are vacuumed too.

Step 3: Wipe dashboard and interior panels

Just use a damp cloth or rag to wipe the plastic bits of the car.

Step 4: Plastic parts polish:

Dashboard and other plastic parts were polished/waxed using the blue plastic wax in the 2nd photo above. Other than making the plastic parts look like new, the wax also protects the plastic parts from fading as polymers generally degrade under UV light.

Step 5: Apply wax/polish

The left side has been polished, the right has not. can u see the difference?

This time i polished as I have not polished the car for a while. Polishing reveals a nicer colour and removes scratches. Wax deposits erm... wax on the paint surface and protects the paint whilst giving the paint a nice shine. The more expensive you wax, the better the shine and the longer it lasts... theoretically... Make sure you apply the wax/polish in a circular motion and remove in a circular motion too...

for deep cuts like the one below, I use a special cut remover:

The stuff is called T-Cut, from CarPlan, but other brands also have similar products..

after: Tadaa.... almost completely gone.

I applied touch-up paint on cuts that are too deep to recover but that's not a step... it's a special step so I won't include it here.

Step 6: Window cleaner

Apply window cleaner and clean windows thoroughly.

The whole procedure took 3 hours of my Saturday afternoon, was great exercise and the result worth every single drop of sweat. Paint job is gleaming! Really pleased...=)

Polished paint job!