Did you know that the famous Al-Rawsha on Jalan Damai has a new branch? Well we all know that the Mayor of KL had decreed to close down all the restaurants on Jalan Damai by year end. Apparently, the residents were complaining of the noise and traffic problems arising from cars parking on the street sides. Given the success of Al-Rawsha I was not surprised that they were one of the first to prepare to move out though the original restaurant is still open for business. I first bumped into the new branch when I passed through Bulatan Kg Pandan to get to the MRRII from Jln Tun Razak. I notied a huge building by the corner of the roundabout exit. At first i thought it was a Mosque. On second look i noticed the signboard and it said Al-Rawsha. Cool. Then my friend Nasrul posted up photos of is visit there and immediately a visit was in order. Hehehe... so this is how it looks like inside. It feels abit more upmarket than the old Rawsha:

The silly "vegetation" is really annoying when you're eating and doesn't really look good.

Tables were good internal decor tasteful

The salad and juice bar in the centre of the main dining hall

The chandelier at the porch

Nasrul's daughter Maisara. It was difficult to get her to smile on camera!

The three of us KUSESSians. Nasrul used to sit next to me in class & Azizi was my partner in crime for all things Taekwondo...It was really great catching up guys =)