30 Seconds

Today was another one of those fitness tests we periodically have at my Martial Arts centre. The previous one was in April and I have blogged about it here, so I won't bother repeating the background of the test, you can read up on it by following the link. I've also done another type of tests which is a harder 60 second test and that can be found here. Basically the aim of the test is to push your heart rate to the max and the aim is to get within 80-90% of your body's max heart rate. This time I managed to reach 84.8% of my max heart rate as compared to 70% last time. I guess I was working harder this time but lets see if my number support my heart rate results.

Tonight's results

April's results 

So, how did I fare compared to the old me? Well, 

Star jumps:               -5 (I did 5 less this time)
Knee raises:             +1
Squats:                     +3
Sit ups:                     - 2
Leg raises:               +3
Hyper extentions:    +12 (woo hoo!)
Push ups:                 Same
Tricepts:                  +4
Burpee:                    Same
 So, all in all I did better generally but managed to push my heart to a higher level. my BMI is the same, though last time I got my height wrong, I'm 172cm not 175cm... hehehe... So, after 3 plus months, I've not really got much stronger, cardio vascular wise! gotta do more cardio after this!! Anyways, at least I know for my Kinabalu climb this weekend I'm not that unfit for it... =) Good night everyone.