Where have you been?

I've been here. running around here and there. Hardly much time for myself - the time I really treasure. These few weeks have been crazy with weddings! I'm sorry I didn't have enough time to cover all the weddings I attended here. My social life is at a kinda low level right now and that effects my will to write about stuff aka update my blog.

So, Yesterday was a really tiring day. Tennis competition in the morning, which I represented PRSB in the Majlis Institut Latihan dan Penyelidikan Bangi (MILPB) tennis competition. It is a team event with only doubles. I was happy that most of the time my serve was kinda good so I got alot of quick points. I think I have weak mental stamina and competitive sports is just not me but I can play fairly okay, but I have long resigned to the fact that although I've been playing tennis since I was 13 I will never be a great player. =S

Anyways, our team finished 2nd and I lost the final match due to my partner suffering a cramp of his calf (muscle)... Well, we were losing anyways and it was flippin 1.30pm under the blazing Malaysian midday sun so I wasn't complaining when we had to resign! I haven't been playing much tennis recent anyways. The prize for 2nd place was bath towels and sports socks! hehehe.. well, because our team was small we got 2 sets of both! it's still sitting in the car... At the end of the day I only had one photo to show from the event and that was of the tan line I got from the few hours of playing under the sun...

 I know! Ewww... right? hehehe I always get sock tan lines when I play tennis

K. After the tournament which we pushed to be finished by noon ish - hence the heatstroke inducing playing conditions I had a quick lunch at the "twin arches" (Mc Donalds) and head off to Seremban to attend Emma and Azrie's wedding reception.

On the way there were 2 accidents! Gila lah! it's only a 50km drive to Seremban from Bangi but it took like an hour plus! Sabar Afif, sabar.... I hope no one noticed me singing in the car! hehehe =P

Ok... I hung out, showered and rested at a hotel room provided by the couple for those helping out for the wedding and we headed out to the venue which was the "Spanish Villa".

Emma was one of the few people that arrived in Leeds about the same time that I did. At that time there were not many new Malaysian students sent to Leeds as the country was just recovering from the Asian Financial crisis and overseas scholarships had only just been resumed. I was quite lucky i guess. Had I been one or two years older I would've been stuck in Malaysia for Uni... Alhamdulillah...

So there were a couple of us new students in Leeds at that time. Lini and Emma, Me and Eaddie, and there were the 3 medic girls, Yat, Alia and Wada... Only Lini and Emma stayed near the University, like myself so we helped each other alot when we were there.

During my final year Emma and Lini went back to Malaysia to do a sandwich year with Malaysian Audit firms. This was when Azrie came to Leeds. Azrie is Singaporean. I remember the fact that he used to join our Malaysian events as there weren't many Singaporean Malays that get scholarships to study abroad. He also lived at St. Mark's residences which was on the way to my house in Woodhouse so I always used to bump into him. Things between the two started in 2004, the year I graduated and the year Emma came back to Leeds to continue her degree after the sandwich year. I guess things took off from there. Alhamdulillah, they're now married. =)

The Spanish Villa
The Reception was at this condominium/villas called "Spanish villa". The place is pretty cool with the clubhouse architecture in very nice spanish style. The reception was by the pool area which honestly abit impractical due to the stage being blocked out of view due to the inability to put the tables where the pool was, but the atmosphere was beautiful, just like the couple.

Food was good and the company - friends from University excellent. I wished more of then would've been able to come though. It seems that weddings are the only time I see all these people. I am a social recluse...

Anyways, here are some cam whoring shots at the wedding... more on my FB insyaAllah... but later lah kot...

Random shots from the wedding