Road side assistance

We have an old Volvo 240 sedan that dad bought before we came back to Malaysia in 1990. Interestingly, we still have the car eventhough my dad no longer uses it. His commutes are frequent and distances long - all requiring a more reliable car. So, for the last couple of years the old Volvo has been used by the children as a learner car in my case and later as a spare car for the odd grocery run etc...Recently, my 3rd brother has been using it as his main mode of transportation and has been maintaining it.

I find this type of tow truck so much better than the one with the hook thingy

Recently however, the car had lost all electrical power thus the car has been unable to recharge it's own battery. In short - it won't start. Thank god for AAM as my dad had put all his cars under his AAM membership. According to him, membership is about RM100 and u get free roadside assistance and towing. So, if your car breaks down just once, it has basically paid for the AAM membership. Pretty neat huh. So, last Saturday we got the Volvo trowed to a specialist workshop in Cheras - all fee of charge! Well, it's actually all paid for...

Well, I only have one reliable Japanese car so I don't think I'll be getting AAM membership anytime soon. I wish they had AAM for bikes... that I might consider signing up for! =)